Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Wow - What a day! We are brave parents I tell tears when we dropped our baby off at Kindergarten. It is truly amazing how strong and independent she has become! We started off the morning taking pictures at the new house. Our tradition will be to take pictures out front of the house every year at the beginning and end of the year to note how much Bean changes and grows each year. She really had a great day and already was scheduling herself an after school play date with a new friend. Her favorite part of school today was "learning." That is what she tells me anyway......LOL! I learned some things today too!
  • We survived the boo-hoo / yahoo breakfast with no tears....seeing how far she has come puts a smile on my face....
  • I am glad I have a week to transition into the Bean walking herself into class...I hover a lot...I mean a certain husband may have called me on my cell from the door of the classroom to tell me to quit...just saying
  • Car pool lines are not for the weak hearted...I saw them...I am glad I can park and walk and very soon just walk from my new house!
  • I keep looking up how to spell Kindergarten...somehow I think it looks like it needs a "d" instead of a "t"
  • Kindergarten has is high labs, learning center, arts....WOO HOO!
  • I am a proud Momma!

at school posing for Daddy

outside the new house!
So tell me did you have any rituals before the first day of school? I personally obsessed for weeks over the first few days outfits....but that seems normal amongst girls. Bean was already vying for a different outfit to wear today...but I pulled the Mom Card. So one funny thing I pretty much always did before the first day of school was a long bath (mind you I am not a bath person). I mean I showered every day....but the night before the first day of school I always took a bath. It helped me get ready and get my school groove on...and I always (as far as I can remember) tried to use Jean Nate....after I got out! It made me feel grown up and special! I found my inspiration commercial on YouTube and am posting it here for you to brings back memories! I don't remember when I parted ways with Jean Nate...maybe when I moved on to Avon's Skin So Soft....but maybe I need to go out and get me some...wonder if they still make it?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updated House Pictures!

So much work has been done! It is great to see all the progress!

view of kitchen with tile, counter tops and cabinets stained

i love you maple cabinets

decorative tile in master shower

pendant lights in kitchen

fireplace with mantle

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The homestead update

Wow - what a difference a couple weeks makes. Seems like things are really moving again which makes us so happy. We are delayed about 4 weeks looking to close near the end of September. Here are the updated pictures. We have insulation, drywall, brick, the staircase, cabinets and today they were putting the doors and frames in! It is very exciting to see it all take shape!

drywall in game room

a whole lotta insulation

brick in the front

a man and his garage!

stair case with wood and iron

porch bricked

cabinets in kitchen

iron detail on stair...I love how they came out!