Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Road Ahead

Sometimes things do not go as planned, thank God, sometimes things to not go as planned. I remember waking up after my laparoscopic surgery in 1999, groggy and, kind of out of it – but I knew before the words were really spoken, our lives were changed. Roon, not wanting to upset me simply said “The Dr. says their might be a chance we can’t have kids on our own.” A little piece of me died that day. A piece of me, still struggles with the grief of that dream that died that day. What, Why, There must be a mistake. I would learn more at my follow-up appointment a week later. Indeed the might was tamed down, he told us we would and would only be able to conceive a child thru IFV (In Vitro Fertilization), an extremely expensive procedure that is not covered by insurance.

Just to take yall back, I was sick and hospitalized multiple times between the ages of 14 and 15. On my third ER run, they admitted me to the hospital and decided to keep me until they figured it all out. I had exploratory surgery and was told I had endometriosis….back then nobody really knew what that was. Basically my Dr. told me that when I get pregnant it will go away and take these birth control pills and things will be better. And they were, except for the chronic cysts and pain I had because of it. I managed fairly well – feeling a lot better than I was – and I have a high pain tolerance – so I could deal with it. Then while I was a freshman in college, my appendix ruptured on Easter morning.

I learned in 2003, that my appendix rupturing had actually destroyed my fallopian tubes, not my endometriosis. We moved forward to have the tubes removed as we were ready to start IVF. After they were removed, I felt better than I had in years. As it turns out they were infected still – so it was a great move by my Dr. I felt better, but we knew it was not the time for IVF. We felt we were at a crossroads and we knew our path was being prompted by God. We did not go back for IVF, instead, we researched adoption agencies at began the very emotional process of adoption.

I can not put into words as I can’t capture the raw emotion, the love and the blessing that our daughter brings to our lives. Thank God, for all those path changes, for the fertility issues, for the heartbreak for without it – we would have missed the ultimate blessing – being parents to our wonderful daughter.

I say these things, as we start the parenting path again. This time we feel is the time God has planned for us to do IVF. The doors were never shut to this path, and we feel now is our time to try. I am scared. This will be emotional, trying, time demanding and financially a strain for us – but we know the outcome – will be as God has planned for us. We pray that things go well and we are blessed again.

Please pray for us as we start this journey. It is the support of God, family and friends that sustains us now and it all these journeys we make.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Survivor Speak

Ok, I admit it - I watch Survivor! I need a little mindless TV to chill out after a long day and this certainly delivers. I do not understand why these people don't plan ahead. Have ya ever watched the show? On Day One - Do not - I repeat - Do not go dressed in heals and a halter dress to your remote island location. Yeah - I know they were thinking they get to take their luggage and all, but if you have ever watched the show, you know a good deal of the time they leave you with only the clothes on your back. Ok People - so if I was getting ready to go on Survivor (which believe me - if you have ever seen me camping you know - I won't be) this is what I would do:
  • Have on 39 pairs of underwear the first day (that way I had one for each day I was there)
  • Where sturdy outdoor shoes with several pairs of socks
  • Where those convertible cargo pants that go from shorts to pants.
  • Have on the granddaddy of them all sport bra's (I won't say any more about this)
  • Have on a one piece bathing suit
  • A sweatshirt hoodie - reversible - with several layered shirts on underneath

And yeah - I would look like a dork day one - but I would be living sweet day 15!

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My latest I-Tune purchases

I got some great gift cards to I-tunes for my birthday and wanted to share my latest music selections.

  • James Blunt - All the Lost Souls, I am really digging the songs "1973" and "Same Mistake" -I do not like the song "Give me some love" -not kid appropriate at all!! Overall this is a great CD though - very mellow - good rhythms - intriguing lyrics
  • Grey's Anatomy- Original Soundtrack Volume 3 - some great songs on here...Breathe In Breathe Out by Mat Kearney rocks (and his CD Matt Kearney-Nothing Left to Lose is also fabulous)
  • Joshua Radin -Live Session I-Tunes Exclusive - oh this is so wonderful -love love all the songs!!!
  • Timbaland presents Shock Value (I know such a digressions from above) - cool beats -

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great Article at MSN today

Over in the money section - there is a great article about retiring by 50! These people would make Dave Ramsey proud!

Check it out!

Tuna Fish Tuesday!

For my friends who are wanting the scoop on deals - this is for you!
If you have a Supertarget - you should go and get some cheap tuna fish. The starkist tuna (in water) is .59 cents at my Super T. Combined with the Super T coupon, it makes them .09 cents a can. Yeah Baby! Super Target puts up new coupons on their website every two weeks or so. There are some fabulous deals with these coupons. Their is a nifty coupon generator over at where you can print the coupons in multiples at a time.
My Super T limits be to five like items at a time with coupons - but not all do.
Happy Shopping!

Friday, September 14, 2007

I am so brave!

Seriously, I was for a moment at the mall under the bright lights of a kiosk. I got my eyebrows threaded. Yes, I know, that sounds horribly scary and terrifying. Basically, they use thread, put it in some sort of triangle shape and whip the hairs out of your eyebrows -seamlessly and in one swoop, instead of individually. And yes, some pain was involved...but when you have the pressure of your playgroup Momma's shouting "Stephanie, Stephanie!" you succumb and lay down in the chair and let strangers watch you get your eyebrows done. Mind you, I never really do anything to my eyebrows. I think they look ok, but my friends advised me that the do need some tender loving care.
So - they look pretty good. Bean was watching me and layed down in the chair next to me so she could have hers done....yeah maybe in about 20 years or so!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Out of the mouth of Bean!

Roon was pushing Bean last night on the swingset. She was excited to tell him about the snake in our house. Roon comes in and says, "So I hear we have a snake in the house." Of course, I am like "WHAT?" Roon says Bean told him all about it. I am thinking - please no not a snake. Then he tells me Bean said, she had a poop snake. A poop what? Bean said that I told her that her poop looked like a snake. Now - yes it did - but she came up with this idea all on her own.
I was relieved it was just a poop snake in the end ;)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Birthday Treats!

I really have a wonderful husband. He brought me the most beautiful flowers and made me this Banana/Walnut Cake. He did everything - including making it so pretty with the cake stand and nuts! Birthdays are special and I truly feel blessed to have so many dear family and friends in my life. As I grow older, I am really starting to appreciate that life is in the small moments - the ones that you will carry with you forever.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sometimes I feel like the Jason Bourne of Coupon Shopping!

(close-up picture)

All this for $5.59 - Rock On!

(picture shows my 9 boxes of kleenex)

I admit – sometimes when the adreline is running, I feel the pull to run through the grocery store – gathering my goods – fearing no one – jumping thru displays – climbing shelves – digging behind displays to see what others have hidden. (in case you don’t know – people do hide things they want to come back for behind other products) I have the total bill calculated in my head and am awaiting the glorious results at the register. And yes – I admit it – I have theme songs that run thru my head. Today I am thinking of the Moby song from the Bourne Ultimatum (timely since I just watched in last night). I could be the super-hero of coupons. Have a snazzy little outfit and everything.

I know what you are thinking, in actuality; I look more like a wonder twin. Remember them “Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE!!” I used to force my brother to do that with me while we watched hours of cartoons on Saturday Mornings. Of course when we got older – only he was allowed to be He-Man and I got to be Sheera. My poor sister had to be Battle Cat. Ok- So I Digress…..but the point here is that saving MONEY is fun! See how you can do next time you are out.
I am very blessed with all these great deals and hope you will be too!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teaching the Bean about money!

This morning our conversation was something like this:
Bean "Mommy - you see that coupon over there on the floor?"
Me "Yes Bean."
Bean "Mommy - I need to go get it."
Me "What do we do with coupons?"
Bean "We use them at the store."
Me"Do coupons save us money?"
Bean "Oh - yes Mommy!"

Start them early - so they realize the value of a dollar!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why I Heart CVS

Look at all the goodies I got at CVS for just $13.46. Yes you read that correctly. There is a bottle of drain cleaner that is not shown that ate up $3.99 of that total! Here it the best part - I earned another $8.98 in Extra Care Dollars to use on my next visit and that little igloo cooler (was only $3.75) and came with coupons and a free subscription to Field and Stream magazine. Oodles of cool - I tell ya.
How did I get my total so low? I used CVS Coupons, Extra Care Dollars earned on previous shopping trips) and Manufacture Coupons. A little planning goes a LONG way my friends. If you have not gone - check out your CVS summer clearance - they had lots of goodies as evidenced by the picture above!
Have a great day!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Saving money on meat!

So, I got an amazing deal on ground beef! 93% FF Ground Beef for a $1.99 a pound. Oh I do love coupons. So I may have gone a little overboard - I bought 22 pounds - but it is something we use all the time. To maximize the freshness - I vacuum sealed the meat into one pound packages. See how neat and efficient the process is above! Oh I do heart the foodsaver!
Happy Days!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

This is what happens to your pets after you have kids!

Alex continues to find new ways to attract attention to herself. She makes everyone laugh. Listen for Bean's commentary in the background - it is pretty funny too!