Thursday, January 31, 2008

People - It is LOST night!

Oh - How we have waited to see what is going on with our favorite castaways! I have watched as many trailers/teasers as possible.

I lay in bed the other night and watched the latest teasers while Roon was sleeping. He then told me I totally was ruining him for work and that he had to watch them all too!

Oh how I love thee - LOST! Did anyone else think that Sawyers accent was a bit different in that clip where he is telling Kate that he does what he always does - Run? Ok - maybe my mind is playing tricks on me?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How did my banana bread explode?

I saw no warning in the recipe. See while I was making it Bean decided to lock the bathroom door from the outside and tell me the water was running. Well it wasn't...Praise God...but Mommy needed a moment (ok several moments) to calm down. After talking with Bean (yeah my voice may have been a bit higher than usual), googling how to unlock doors, taking said lock apart, getting grease everywhere....I walked away from the door. Daddy can fix it later. So - go back to the bread and realize I was supposed to separate the wet and dry ingredients.

Oops - they were all going together at some point so I figured I would press on. I was making a bread loaf and muffins. Things started off good - good aroma, good rising.....then I smelled the burning! The bread had erupted...mushing molten glop all over the oven. Well at least the muffins appear to survive. Have to say what Roon says about them later ;)

Well...there is a little less of me to love!

I have lost almost six more pounds in the past three weeks. Now I figure I have lost these same six pounds almost all of 2007! Yes - that is sad, but I am resolved to do better this year. That said - I am hopeful to be in my weight range (or darn close to it) by the time I get pregnant! One small step at a time!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hooray - Hip Hip Hooray!

This morning I got the IUD (Intrauterine Device) out! I am so excited to have that gone! Hopefully I will remain pain free and no more bleeding. Did I mention I was excited about this?

So - for those following our fertility adventures, this means we are one step closer to IVF. I have to go back for one more cervix check and if I have fully recovered from surgery, we are on for the March/April IVF cycle. Today I start a new kind of birth control pill and will remain on them till I start IFV meds.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for our physical health, our emotions and finances. Our insurance does not pay for any IVF treatments so everything is out of pocket. We have already had quite a few expenses with the surgery and all the Dr.'s visits...but I know it will all be worth it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

My menu for the week

Well - I did not get to use everything I had planned on - but the good news is I had a plan and I stuck to it 5 of the 7 days!! I found an amazing deal on a glazed ham at Kroger (had a $5 coupon) and got this good ole hunk of goodness for like $8.50. Yum-O! Here is the plan for this week.
Monday - something yummy with the ham
Tuesday - Chicken Tostado's
Wednesday - Tuna Helper
Thursday - Stovetop meatloaf muffins (these are low in WW points)
Friday - Sandwiches or Mandwich
Saturday - leftovers/eating out
Sunday - not sure yet....Superbowl fun!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Meal Planning Monday

Because I need/crave more organization in my life and because Roon always asks "Whats for Dinner?" So here it goes. One day I hope to be organized enough to even post recipes... I am using up some of the frozen turkey (remember the sitting turkey post?) and also trying to cook low fat. Here is the low fat menu for the week! Please visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for other menu ideas and organizing tips!

Monday - Turkey Tortilla Soup

Tuesday - One Dish Turkey with Biscuits

Wednesday - Beef Taco's

Thursday - Tuna Helper

Friday - Chili/Baked Potato's / Bonnie's Salad

Saturday - Eat out / leftovers

Sunday - Chicken Tostados

Today I started this new book....

It is by Beth Moore (which I always hear how great her books are) and is called "Jesus 90 Days With The One And Only." I am on day one and really enjoying that it has questions and places to journal your thoughts. I also like the fact it is set up by days...I am really good at starting books..but not always finishing. I am hopeful that by having the Days outlined I will be able to read this book through the 90 days at a time and reflect on each day I read. Sometimes when I read, I speed read. You know you read so fast you barely remember that you read it. I really want to read and hold "retain" let the knowledge stay with me. I want to take the knowledge and be a better wife, mom and friend. Here is to day one!
And on a special note...I saw this book before Christmas when my friend Debbie pointed it out to me...I wanted to buy it right then and there, because quite frankly I wanted it. I did not and was kind of kicking my self for it. Turns out God knew why...Debbie blessed me with the book for Christmas. It is cool that God knows the desires of our heart...big and small. Thanks Debbie!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Family Hair Cuts!

Yes you read that right - we all (even Bean) got our hair cuts today. I knew the day was coming that my baby (ok I know she is turning four soon) got her first hair cut. It is SOOOOOOOO hard to think about cutting off that baby hair. I mean for two years she barely had hair. I remember the brown fuzz that used to constitute the entirety of her head. Then - slowly - a beautiful mass of golden curls came in & I have been in hair love ever since. It was hard but I (ok I mean Bean) was brave. We started by having Daddy's hair done. Roon has curly hair...after much pleading he is growing his hair trimmed and styled and boy does it look good!

Then Raspberry Tort (think Strawberry Shortcake) took her turn in the chair. Evie wanted to make sure that it did not hurt...but as she pointed out to the entire salon..dolls can't feel so of course it would not hurt. Raspberry came through with flying colors, so next it was Bean's turn. Be still my heart as that first cut was made....and a clump of golden beauty was forever gone from my daughter's head. I know.....I need to move on..but still it was hard to see it go. Our stylist assured me that it was time for a haircut and it was needed...cause you know I was trying to stall a bit longer. She is becoming such a big girl every day.

Then it was my turn. Just last night my friend Amy told me how nice my hair looked. And ya know what - I liked it too. Why is it the day before your haircut you - like your hair?? Then there is the age old dilemma..trim or style...trim or style. My stylist knows I like to try new she encouraged me to get these side swept bangs and razored edges. Yeah - Bean says I am very stylish and since she is almost four - I know she is telling the truth (ok quit laughing - I had sweat pants on - but the above my neck I was stylish)!

Anyway - here are some pics! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How did I not know about this stuff?

Know it Love It!! It is just simply wonderful!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello Savings!

Albertsons is having a great sale in my area. If you spend $20 on participating Nestle products you get an instant $5 off your transaction. By using coupons - I was able to pay $4.67 for all this product. Now that is super savings. Roon eats lean pockets almost every day for breakfast, so I was so excited about the $.50/off one coupon in last Sunday's paper. The SoBe water has coupons attached to the bottle that double and make them free! Woo Hoo!

Make sure to visit others who have saved big and for more great deals at Money Saving Mom.

Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Dog's Life

Who knew a dog could perform so well for Honey-Combs cereal. Seems Bean is working dog trainer into her schedule these days. Alex was acting like the dog days of puppy obedience school and performing all her tricks for the cereal. Who woulda thought? We could have saved all that money on Pupparoni and just used Honey Combs. Glad I have a three year old to keep me on top of these things!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

On a serious note....

I have had lots of people ask me about how the fertility journey. So here is an update of sorts. Sorry if this is TMI (too much information).

I am in surgical recovery for another month. My uterus is resting and I have an IUD (intrauterine device) inside of me to strengthen my cervix/uterus and prevent scar tissue from forming. There are days my body HATES that IUD and my Dr. says that is fairly normal. I am taking estrogen and progesterone pills for a two month cycle. I have a strict regimen that I am going to follow until the end of January. In February I should get the IUD out and start prepping for the March/April IFV cycle.

Please pray for me as this as been EXTREMELY hard on my body. There are days where the cramping is (almost unbearable). Roon has been very helpful and has come home from work to help me when needed. The Dr. thinks I may be having some cysts rupture also. (bad bad pain) I am more tired and a (wee bit) more moody also then normal. Additionally I am also having some bleeding issues. Please keep me in your prayers. The nurse told me this is the worst part...and to just give it time. I asked if the shots and stuff on IVF are this bad and she said No - so that gives be a brighter outlook. Waking up my reproductive system is like waking up a bear that has been in hibernation for nearly 20 years!! WOWSA - it is rough.

I know God has a path for me...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Oy - How I love a Good Deal and....

CVS does not disappoint! My year to date savings (as of January 1st - so just a week now) are already $646.70!! Who loves CVS - come on raise your hands in the air - CVS (Whoop Whoop)!! You know ya want to dance ;)

Here is my haul from yesterday. I spent $3.14 (on my gift card for filling prescriptions of course) and earned $28 in Extra Care Bucks. Not pictured below is a gallon of milk! These savings are a huge blessing and I hope that you can save like me. My little sister did even better than me - so shout out to you too! The sixteen boxes of Mac N Cheese make Bean so happy! Oh and the savings don't stop here...I am going to send in for a rebate on the Colgate products and will get a bag of goodies and coupons from Colgate valued at $25. Yippee!

Friday, January 4, 2008

the hunt for 75% off at Target

So a few days after Christmas, we were all in eager anticipation of the 75% off holiday merchandise at Target. We went when it was 50% and decided to hold out for most of what we wanted for 75% off. We had a hunch that it would be that next morning. So we loaded up the mini-van, my parents - my siblings and me...hmm notice that no spouses or kids are with us - just the original family unit only a lot older! We waited parked in our car anxiously!

With eyes peeled on the door (Target does not open until corporate turns on their lights at 8:00 am) - I spotted a potential shopper moving toward the door - false alarm - my Dad points out he is an employee...and then the real first shopper gets in line. At that - we pile out of the mini-van! My sister and I lead the family and are waiting at the door with the other people and the infamous lights to be turned on! Our parents and brother were the cart fetchers as we figured we moved the was quite a scene when the lights came on. We were walking fast (could be construed as skipping) back to the Christmas decor. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 75% off signs were posted everywhere. Oh - the thrill and exhilaration a sale can provide ;)

Seriously though - it was fun to hang out with the siblings and parents and bond! That is of course what it is about - family.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

My 2008 motto is: Stop doubting and believe. John 20:27 Why this passage? It says it so well for me. Stop worrying about the past and "what if" scenarios and start focusing on the present and the joy in the moment!

What a 2007 we had. I have to say it was a year of ups and downs for us. Roon and I have grown as a result of all the challenges we have faced. There is truth to the statement you grow most in times of trouble.

We had a whirlwind finish to 2007 visiting with family and friends. I am blessed with amazing parents, loving siblings, awesome in-laws and wonderful friends. As we embark on the new year - lets look ahead to the amazing journeys and joys God has in store for us.

Roon and I are working on our "Vision Plan" for our 2008 goals. We like to put ours together so we both stay focused and work as a family to make our dreams come true. The list will be packed this year - Stay tuned!

Roon has outlined is first goal - which is so him "I will not supersize any meal or add on from the .99 menu to any meal" He is in a contest with some fellows to lose 40 pounds. Let's just say we both ate way to much over the holidays!