Friday, January 4, 2008

the hunt for 75% off at Target

So a few days after Christmas, we were all in eager anticipation of the 75% off holiday merchandise at Target. We went when it was 50% and decided to hold out for most of what we wanted for 75% off. We had a hunch that it would be that next morning. So we loaded up the mini-van, my parents - my siblings and me...hmm notice that no spouses or kids are with us - just the original family unit only a lot older! We waited parked in our car anxiously!

With eyes peeled on the door (Target does not open until corporate turns on their lights at 8:00 am) - I spotted a potential shopper moving toward the door - false alarm - my Dad points out he is an employee...and then the real first shopper gets in line. At that - we pile out of the mini-van! My sister and I lead the family and are waiting at the door with the other people and the infamous lights to be turned on! Our parents and brother were the cart fetchers as we figured we moved the was quite a scene when the lights came on. We were walking fast (could be construed as skipping) back to the Christmas decor. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 75% off signs were posted everywhere. Oh - the thrill and exhilaration a sale can provide ;)

Seriously though - it was fun to hang out with the siblings and parents and bond! That is of course what it is about - family.


crayonmommy said...

this is really funny to read, seeing I was there and all. Glad ya'll had some time to shop and bond. Too silly!

Lisa said...

I was rolling when I read this! You are the queen of sales and couponing!