Friday, December 21, 2007

Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

Hope that each and everyone has a blessed Christmas. Let us rejoice in our blessings and celebrate our Saviours birth! Bean had a Christmas program at school and I just love their version of Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Let us all be like children with their joy and happiness!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Birthday Party for Jesus!!

We were invited to a birthday party to celebrate the birth of Jesus last week. On the way to the party, Bean asked “Mommy What is Jesus’ middle name?” Trying to think quickly I thought “Christ.” Then I went on to explain that he really just goes my Jesus since he is the Christ. So she thought about it and asked “So Jesus is going to be at his party right?” Well I explained that he would be there in spirit. That satisfied her and I was happy about that. The party was great and Bean did wonderfully in the reenactment of the birth of Christ. She portrayed a wise man and brought frankincense as her gift. My friend had put a wash cloth dipped in essential oils in her basket. Bean loved smelling her gift (over and over). After constructing Baby Jesus in the manger with marshmallows and haystacks we were on our way. On the door was a tree to write on there what we would like to give Jesus for Christmas. Immediately – Bean knew the answer – “Mommy a Barbie Island Princess.” I was thinking along the lines of love or something…but Barbie is good. I just love how big her heart is!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cheap Tip O' the Day!

Do you look at the coupons that print out at the grocery stores? Those coupons are called catalina's and can be for cents off your next purchase, specific products or promotions coming up or freebies. Yes freebies Yall! Lately I have been getting dog food and kleenex free catalina coupons. So next time you get any catalina's - look at them before you chunk them - you never know what treasure they may hold.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Bean

After dinner I opened my fortune cookie which read "You have a talent for all that is artistic." I promptly told Roon that I got the wrong fortune - he asked why. I handed it to Bean to hand to Roon. Bean says Mommy I will read says "CVS." LOL! She knows me too well. She proceeded to tell me that the other piece of paper read "Dear Tom Thumb."

Oh and for those who wanted the report on the Turkey - it Did ROCK, despite ourselves. When we were taking it off the sitting device it broke in half...and then we found the giblet back stuffed inside still. Apparently leaving the giblet bag inside the turkey during cooking is a right of passage of sorts.