Sunday, March 30, 2008

IVF Update!

I had my Dr.'s appt yesterday! My right side is progressing nicely. I had several follicles that are getting larger and a couple just right behind them. My left side is not moving as quickly as my right - so they changed my protocol a bit. I have stopped lupron and am taking a different shot in it's place. They upped the amount of Gonal F I take and so now I am on three shots a day instead of four. They want to give my left side every opportunity to perform and catch up to the right - so it looks like transfer may be delayed by one day to Thursday. My estrogen level's did double so that is great news! Please keep us in your prayers that things continue to move along, we all stay healthy and that we get pregnant.

On a side note - my Mom is here all week to help me, so that is wonderful!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Getting closer!

I had my Dr.'s appt today and my follicles they are a growing! They saw several on the right side however the left side is tricky as the ovary is kind of hidden in the cavity that holds the kidney. She did see a couple on the left - but said not to worry as my Dr. will get to any hidden follicles back there ;) I feel them - so I feel like they are playing hide and seek back there!! My hormone levels checked out good and I will continue to stay on the same protocol till my next Dr.'s appt on Saturday. So let's here it for the follicles - keep on growing yall!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Muffins with Mom

I had the pleasure of going to Muffins with Mom at Bean's Mom's Day Out program a couple weeks ago. They always ask the kids questions about their parents and post the funny responses. These are the questions and answers from Bean this year.

1st Question: "What does your Mommy do?"
Answer: "My Mommy works at CVS & buys candy." HA - this about made me pee my pants I thought it was so funny. Bean has been enjoying couponing and saving money at CVS - since she was a wee bean. In fact some of her first letters she could identify were - yes you guessed it CVS. Bean can spot a CVS or Target sign like an eagle hunting it's prey. I just thought this was too funny.

2nd Question: "What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy?"
Answer: " I love to play tea party with my Mommy." How sweet is that. Bean can plan the best tea parties - and I just love seeing her play hostess!

Monday, March 24, 2008

14 shots done as of this morning!

Vials, Powders and Needles - Oh My!
We started our stimulation med's on Saturday morning so as of now I am on 4 shots a day. Two in the morning and two in the evening. The mixing of one of the med's is a bit tricky as it comes in powder form, so you have to mix it and change needles. Roon has been AMAZING! He has taken on all duties of the shot giver. This has helped - because I tend to be overly obsessive about making sure everything is done exactly to the letter and he has taken some of that stress off of me. He makes sure everything is done right and keeps the instruction sheet's handy just in case he needs reference. The lupron shot is tiny - and it goes it my leg - so it really does not hurt. I only have one bruise from that. The other shots go in my stomach area on the outer sides of my belly button. Honestly - the mixing of one of these med's was more stressful than the shot itself. Sometimes I feel these med's sting a bit - but that is not that bad.
Thanks so much for your prayers! We appreciate everyone so much. I go to the Dr. Wednesday for more blood work and another sonogram - so I can see how everything is progressing and get my updated medication schedule!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Yippee! We have started IVF!

I got my enormous box of med’s last week – wow that was a bit intimating! I had my check-in with the fertility specialist yesterday to have my blood taken and a sonogram done. Everything looked good and my levels were where they needed to be.

We started shots at the Dr.’s office. They gave us instructions and Roon gave me my first shot of Lupron. It really did not hurt. Taking my blood – hurt far worse than the shot. The nurse could not get my vain so I had to drink water and wait. They tried after my sonogram with the other arm and were able to get the vain the second time.

We start stimulation med’s on Saturday morning – so I will be taking four shots a day starting Saturday. My IVF protocol is different than the standard IVF protocol. I am on what’s called a Flair protocol due to my history of endometriosis and to prevent hyper-stimulation.

Please say some prayers for us as most of you all know how long we have been waiting to do this. I know that the time is right now and as always it is God’s time not our own. I thank God we traveled the adoption road first and are blessed with an amazing daughter. Even though that journey had its ups and downs as well – it was so clear and so guided by God. The joy of being a Mommy – and having Bean already – makes the IVF all that more worth it. Being a Mom is a privilege and I am reminded of that daily. Bean has been begging for twins or a sibling. She asked me the other day if we could go the “Baby Center” and pick one out. I explained that you can’t just go buy a sister or brother….

Oh and few things of note that happened recently. I got a phone call last week from out of state from a guy looking for someone with my name – he said he was looking for the Stephanie with twins….hmmm not me yet! Then yesterday one of Roon’s co-workers came up to him and told him she had a dream that I was pregnant with twins. He told her that we just started IVF – so what timing! Since high school I have told people I was going to have fraternal twins (boy and girl). I wonder if that was a desire that God put in me long ago to prepare me for now. I hope so! But as always – God has a perfect plans for us. Happy Good Friday to all!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sing along with the tune of

Smelly Cat (by Phoebe on Friends)

You know the one - I know you do!

Pink Eye - Oh Pink Eye
What are you doing at my house again...

Pink Eye - Pink Eye
Please go away and don't infect any one else here ever!

Bean got a cold / sinus infection over the weekend. It turned into pink eye on Monday. We got the eye drops and antibiotics. Please pray that no one else gets it!

Recipes to share!

Here are a couple of recipes that were requested from my menu this week. They are both recipes from Pampered Chef. Just a note about Pampered Chef – their tools are awesome and I love the garlic press the most. That was the first item I ever bought from Pampered Chef and it is still going strong!

Roasted Chicken, Onion and Rosemary Pizza

2 cups cooked chicken, coarsely chopped
1 cup red onion, sliced
¼ cup parsley, snipped
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 garlic cloves, pressed
1 teaspoon dried rosemary leaves or 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
1 package (8 oz.) shredded mozzarella cheese, divided

I bought a pre-made pizza crust. I used the Boboli brand and it came out great. Place your un-baked pizza crust on a round baking stone. Chop cooked chicken. Slice red onion into 1/4 –inch thick slices. Snip parsley and toss chicken, onion, parsley, olive oil, pressed garlic, rosemary, salt, black pepper and 1 ½ cups of the cheese. Spread chicken mixture over pizza to about ½ inch of the edge. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and bake according to your pizza crust directions. Let stand for several minutes – cut and enjoy!

Turkey Cranberry Wreath (recipe from Season’s Best Recipe Collection Fall/Winter 2000)

2 packages (8 oz. each) refrigerated crescent rolls
½ cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons honey Dijon mustard
½ teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
2 cups cooked turkey, chopped (about 12 oz.)
½ cup celery sliced
3 tablespoons fresh parsley snipped
½ cup dried cranberries
4 oz. Swiss cheese, shredded (1 cup)
¼ cup walnuts, chopped
1 egg separated

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Unroll crescent dough and separate into 16 triangles. With wide ends of triangles toward the center arrange 8 triangles in a circle on large round baking stone. Corners of wide ends will touch and points will extend 1 inch beyond edge of baking stone. Match wide end of each remaining triangle to wide end of each outer triangle; seal seams using pizza roller. (Points will overlap in center – do not seal)
2. Measure mayo, mustard and black pepper into bowl. Chop cooked turkey, slice celery and snip parsley. Add turkey, celery, parsley and cranberries to bowl. Grate cheese or use pre-shredded cheese into bowl. Mix filling. Scoop filling over seams of dough forming a circle.
3. Coarsely chop walnuts and sprinkle over filling. Beginning in center – lift one dough triangle across mixture. Continue alternating with outer strips, slightly overlapping to form wreath. Tuck last end under first.
4. Separate egg. Beat egg white lightly and brush over dough. Bake 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Well- I am happy to be organized and get a menu plan in place this week! Remember to visit for others who like to menu plan like me.

Monday - Roasted Chicken, Onion and Rosemary Pizza - This is an old Pampered Chef Recipe I used to make. I was excited to find it again when I was cleaning my files.

Tuesday - Turkey Cranberry Wreath

Wednesday - Turkey Tortilla Soup (yep - this is the last of the sitting Turkey I had frozen)

Thursday - Cheeseburger Pie

Friday - Shrimp Primavera

Saturday - leftovers or whatever we throw together

Sunday - Happy Easter - a special meal with Roon and the Bean

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super Savings Saturday!

I did manage to get some great shopping in this week. Don't forget to visit Money Saving Mom for more amazing deals! I still have several Walgreens Register Rewards that I need to use up here soon! Below is a picture of my Walgreens trip. I am more of a CVS girl at heart - but I was drawn in by the register rewards deal on the Olay soap and decided to go back to the big W. I paid $1.18 for all the products below and may(if I purchase $7 more dollars worth) be eligible for a $5 rebate. So all in all a great shopping trip.

I also wanted to show a picture of my Rockin shopping trip at Tom Thumb and Kroger last week. I scored all the products below for $1.94 out of pocket and I earned 2 free movie tickets from the awesome chills and thrills promotion. Here's to happy shopping and a blessed weekend to all!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good-bye sweet Beauty

Today we said farewell to our little feline friend. She went peacefully and very quickly this morning at the vet. Our vet said that typically when they go that fast and with such peace their blood is very toxic and thus she was a very sick cat. Roon went with Alex and stayed with her and petted her through-out. Alex was able to say good-bye and give her one final sniff. The vet says this will enable Alex to move on as she knows her buddy is gone.

Our vet is so compassionate and great. He made a plaster casting of Beauty's paw print and is taking it home to bake and engrave for us. That is above and beyond in my opinion. Here is one last picture of our girl. Thanks for all the sweet comments and e-mails I have received - they are really appreciated!

Monday, March 10, 2008

How do you say good-bye?

I seriously have no idea how to write this...

Today I took our cat, Beauty, to the vet this morning. She has been in pre-renal failure since September and we have been trying all sorts of foods since then. She does not like kidney food and has been very moody these past few months. Recently she has been trying to escape our house via the garage or back door. I know this is bad as cats sometimes have a sense as to when they are sick and need to leave to die. Our vet says she is trying to go to the happy place.

Ok-crying so am taking a break will finish later...

Ok- I am back - just indulged in a Taco Bueno dinner....completely un weight watchers - but I do love the mexi dips and chips and I needed it.

So back to our girl, we had her blood taken again and her levels are worse and she has moved to her kidneys failing. Basically she has lost more weight, is eating sporadically, not going poop very much, not grooming very much and her pee smells like ammonia. She also has thrown up some and had some throw up or poo accidents. She also has the uremic breath which is indicative or renal failure. Since her numbers are worse and her symptoms are getting worse the vet has recommended euthanasia. As much as we hate to, we don't want her to suffer any more. Thus we have decided to have her put to rest on Thursday. This just sucks.
We adopted Beauty just after we got married thirteen years ago. My cat Mittens had died suddenly after having surgery, and Beauty has been a blessing in our lives. I remember when we first saw her at PetSmart adoption day. Another couple was looking at her, and we approached after they left her cage. The first thing she did was look at us and lick Roon. We were smitten.
We named her Beauty because she had a regalness about her and because her fur is just so pretty. She will be missed greatly and I know that Mittens will take care of her in Heaven.

Our vet has recommended that Alex (our dog) go with her to say good-bye as he says that sometimes if pets don't say good-bye they always are looking for the other to come home and searching for them. He said that once Alex sniffs her she will know Beauty is gone and is not coming home. Since they are pretty close and Alex is a bit on the obsessive compulsive side this does sound like a good idea.

So we will be spending lots of quality time with our little girl - knowing that she has been a great cat and we hope that she has enjoyed her time with us here. Please pray for us as this decision is heart wrenching and I am having a very hard time with it.

Since I start IVF next week I am already a little emotional - so I can imagine once I have all those hormones in my system I will be amped up even more.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Miss Sickey

It is me - not the Bean that is sick right now. I woke up in the wee hours Monday with a wicked sore throat. Since the Dr. is always packed on Monday, I made an appointment while Bean was at MDO out Tuesday. I got right in and right out - Love that!

Turns out I have some sort of major ear infection (has a really fancy name) that has caused my lymph nodes to swell and make me feel puny. So I got an antibiotic and hope to be on the mend real soon. My throat feels way better today - but my head feels like a train is running through it with all the pressure it has inside. My family Dr. was so awesome to listen and just hear what I had to say. I made sure to tell him (about a billion times) I need to be well by March 20th when we start IVF. He really listed and took notes on all my IVF journeys.

Oh- I also have had some allergic reaction for the past month that has caused my lip to swell up - lovely I know. I ate some salsa on Beans birthday and since then it has happened three times. the Dr. told me it does sound like an allergy and sometimes once you eat something like that it has a hard time leaving your system. Your immune system revs up and tries to fight it - so I have to take Claritin to suppress the histamines in my system so hopefully it won't happen again. I eat salsa all the time, but this particular salsa was from a mix and had an unusual chili spice that I must be allergic to - who knew?

One other thing about my Dr that is way cool. When I was leaving he touched my arm and said he will be praying for me about IVF and that we deserve it! Now that is just awesome. This Dr. knows both Roon and I well as he has been Roon's Dr. for years. One time I could not get in to my Dr. and was so glad I had to see him - because he is awesome! I am so glad that I made the switch. It really makes a difference to have a Dr. who is a Christian and will pray for you!

Here's to feeling better!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Chicken Noodle Soup and Sandwiches

Tuesday: Turkey Chili and Rice

Wednesday: Slow-cooker spicy chicken & Veggies

Thursday: Crock Pot Tamale Pie

Friday: Garlic Shrimp and Pasta

Saturday: Out/leftovers

Sunday: Manwich or Chicken Patty Sandwiches / Steak Fries / Veggies