Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Have you ever......

- Been drinking hot coffee, just put a big gulp in your mouth, and then have to sneeze...just let me say - it was not pretty!

- Dreamed about CVS (I blame my sister for this - you Extra Care Bucks addict)

- Considered buying those shoes with the wheels on the bottom - boy I could cruise thru Kroger on those bad boys

- These are just some of my random thoughts for today. Hope your day is blessed with fun and happiness!

Monday, October 29, 2007

It never hurts to ask!

Although I consider myself the Jason Bourne of coupon shopping, there are occasions where you may not think to use coupons or ask for a discount. Have no never hurts to ask. Recently I placed an order with Coldwater Creek. I got some great things in their outlet at 50% off. A few days after I ordered they had a new coupon code for 60% off. I called and asked if I could get the extra discount (at the suggestion of my Aunt) and they said yes! Woot! I was scared, but hey the worst they could say was no! Coldwater Creek is awesome and their clothes are so well made. I have learned so much about being frugal and a better steward with our money. I hope I pass all this to Bean so that she really learns the value of a dollar.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Learning a new skill!

I taught Bean a new skill…inadvertently of course! Here it is- - are ya ready?
If you see a bug on someone or something, calmly approach said bug, and blow. Yes, because apparently the gale force winds emitted by your own breath, paralyze the bug with fear and it retreats into permanent hiding. There it is – I am so proud!

I did not realize why she tried to spit or blow on bugs till a couple weeks ago. I was at the park with friends and there was a giant ant on my friend. I told her, ever so calmly of course, and she gave me the terror look, “Get it off.” So I did what any good friend does, I blew on it. Thankfully another friend intervened and removed mutantly large ant from said friend. Then everyone laughed….and I realized I blow on bugs, therefore I taught Bean to do this.

For those of you who know me well, you know I have issues with bugs. Growing up on the Texas coast, in the land of flying cockroaches, I learned from an early age how to run and barricade yourself in your room, stuffing a giant towel under the door, so said giant roach could not get you. Thankfully, my Mom, is a bug master. She can catch a flying roach in her hand toss it out the door and not even blink. It is a gift I tell you – a gift that my Mom did not pass to me. Guess which parent I got my fear from…hint – it is not my Mom – the bugslayer! Yeah – Dad you know it is you! Hint – don’t ask my Dad to remove said bug from your shirt – you are better off asking me!

When bugs have wings – well they scare me. Spiders (for the most part) are not going to fly at the room and get me. Those dumb flying roaches will. Thankfully, most of the roaches where we live now do not fly…but I do look closely…just to make sure I don’t see any wings. So the moral to this story is this: If you have a bug on you and need to be rescued, only turn to me if you are truly desperate. I may blow on the bug or shriek like a cat, but I will get the job done for a friend.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Crackers - Simply Wonderful Deal

The Ritz Simply Socials crackers are on sale this week at Tom Thumb for 5 for $10. If you buy 5 in one transaction the register takes of $5 for the Progresso deal and $4 for the Kraft savings deal. I am not sure how long the Kraft savings will last, but I know the Progresso $5 off lasts till Tuesday. I used two .55 cents off two Nabisco products coupons from the newspaper a few weeks back, and the net price for 5 boxes is -.10. Yep you read that write negative ten cents. Make sure you add something to your order so you are not negative in your total. If you don't have the coupons, it is still a could deal at $1 for five boxes. Again, not sure how long the Kraft promotion lasts. Happy Shopping!

Shopping at Kroger

In general I think Kroger usually has some of the best deals on food. This is a typical shopping trip and I saved 64%. I spent $20.65 and got some great deals. I took advantage of the pizza deal and used the peelies on each box on the bread sticks. I also rocked it at Walgreens this week, doing the benadryl/tylenol deal and the Nyquil deal. Good things to put away for the cold season. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Surgery News

I had my consult today.

I have been praying that God give me direction and guide my path. I am quite frankly a little scared about having more surgeries.
I was praying the other day and asked God to clearly tell me what to do. I even (ah-hem) suggested a text message would be nice. You never know – God is almighty!

So I had my consult today and my Dr. is just awesome. While he was consulting with us he said that he understands how hard it is on us to get so far and then stop – and do it all over again. He want’s us to finish this race. Then he said something that was kind of profound. He said “God does not want you to not do IVF and these stumbling blocks are just part of the process….this is not God not telling you not to do this” In so many words…of course he said – “you know I am not God – but that is how I feel.”

I was kind of floored the Dr. said all this, because one of the questions I was going to ask the Dr is “What does your gut say about us doing IVF?” When we adopted Bean in was so clear that God had us on that path to Russia at that time for a specific child. Our Dr. has an adopted child and bio child – so he understands how wonderful adoption is. He knows that we desire a family and are considering what path we need to pursue.

So what does this mean? We are still processing it all. The Dr. wants to do a double surgery a hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy. He needs to get to the fibroids (although they could be polyps) and get those out. Then he wants to go in and check my belly/abdomen and ovaries. He said that this is all medically necessary and it will clean me up and get us ready for IVF. Just as a reminder I am dealing with ruptured appendix (destroyed my fallopian tubes, had to have them removed), advanced endometriosis (I have had since I was 14 years old), Pelvic Adhesion Disease (my organs and stuff just stick together because of all the scar tissue and such) and the newest addition fibroids and/or polyps.

I ask you to pray for us specifically:

  • Guidance and direction
  • Insurance will pay for surgery and cover it as all in network
  • My health and safety before/during and after surgery
  • That there are no more surprises during surgery and that things look good down there with my ovaries and uterus
  • Our finances
  • Roon and Bean while I am having surgery and recovering
  • This is unrelated – but our animals are having health issues. Beauty (our cat) is in pre-renal failure and is not eating her prescription cat foods and Alex is having allergies and losing hair

    Thanks – yall are the best!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You can Win Too!

Last month I entered a drawing over at bloggy giveways. I won, I won! I got these adorable little note cards from LoopDeLou. I ordered the cutest cards and can't wait to use them. They have some really neat giveaways on this site. Go to bloggy giveaways and check it out!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Something new that is Yum-O

These are new and let me tell you - the Jolly Green Giant delivers on this product. I am (by nature) not a big veggie fan. However, as I age gracefully (he he), I realize the importance of a diet filled with fruit and veggies. I really enjoyed these veggies. They were easy to cook, inexpensive (I had a coupon of course) and filled with fiber. If you eat the entire package (and you probably will) you get 10 grams of fiber. Go get ya some!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Build a Bear maketh this frugal Mommy weak

I took Bean to the mall for a pretzel. We parked in front of Build A Bear (mommy mistake #1). Bean took great joy in running to the window to shop for a potential new friend. I told her we would come back on our way to the car (mommy mistake #2). We ate said cinnamon pretzel (oh how we likey) and returned to car where I was reminded we needed to go inside Build A Bear and we did (mommy mistake #3). And then I succumbed to the glitter and dazzle of it all. I admit I was just as excited as Bean about outfitting that gorgeous white and pink stuffed poodle. Bean triumphantly ran through the store grabbing purses and boots and hair accessories...oh boy! I told her just one outfit and above is the result. Meet Sissy (named by bean), the newest member of our family. I did have a coupon - so that gave me a little bit of peace about spending the $28.00. I never knew the joys of Building a Bear or a poodle, or bunny (Grandma build a bunny with her a couple years ago). And now I do, and that is no mistake - Build a Bear I heart you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Swaparooni Buddy Rocks!

My Swaparooni Buddy did such a great job! This really picked me up last week when I was so down in the dumps. Look at all the goodies. A scrapbook, candle (smells great), a bowl, little spoons (I gave her the same - great minds think alike), a mixing spatula, fondue set and a journal. She also sent a cute pair of earrings (love them) and a Dora bubble blowing set which has already been put to good use by the Bean. Thanks so much Swap buddy - I appreciate all your hard work and love all the goodies!
If you want to get in on the next swap click here!

The Pity Party is Over!

Although Roon says I can pity party like a ROCK STAR, I have ended the pity party. I think it is ok to be real and honest and open and tell yall how I really feel. I am so thankful for all those who have e-mailed,called and left comments here for me. Your prayers and support mean so much to me and my family. Although I don't know where this road leads, I know that I am blessed.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.....

Yes – Welcome to my self sponsored pity party where it is all about me. I feel that I am a generally upbeat person, but I have been really thrown for a loop this week. We have reached another infertility hurdle and this one is beating me down.

Sunday, my back when spastic when I got a pinched nerve in my neck. Having been there done this, I new I needed to get to the Dr. ASAP before complete and utter lock up occurred. I went to the after hours care, and saw a Dr. on call who gave me a muscle relaxer and pain medication. Boy – did I need those.

Monday morning, I was starting to feel better as I went to my Saline Sonogram. I had completely forgot (blocked out due to not wanting to remember) I had this same sonogram done in 2003. Happy – Happy Joy Joy, oh these are just plain wonderful, NOT! Anyways, as the Doctor and Nurses were doing there thing, I noticed their expressions and knew something was up. Sure enough, they tell me what a good patient I am (now I know for sure something is up) and that they will be back after they review the pictures. I knew bad news was coming.

The nurse comes back in and tells me, that they have found something new inside my uterine cavity – Fibroids! WHAT!!!!!!!!! Seriously, how is this possible? She told me that my “saving grace” concerning the fibroids was the fact I am on the pill continuously. They would probably me much worse otherwise. Thus now I have Endometriosis, damage from my Appendix rupturing, scar tissue from all my surgeries, no fallopian tubes and fibroids that I am fighting against. I know that none of this is “my fault”, but I hurt about it just the same. I hurt for Roon most of all. He is a super trooper and has been with me through all of this.

What does this mean now? We are not sure. The Dr. wants to do another surgery (a hysteroscopy) to remove the fibroids. I will know more in a few weeks after I have our next Dr.’s appointment. Please keep us in your prayers. My back is finally starting to feel better so that is good news - but I am still pretty sore.

The journey is hard, but in the end I know that there is something great in store. It just sucks to go through all of this. Deep down (and I mean way deep) I know this is making me stronger. Right now I am a little fragile, so please bear with me if I cry at a moment’s notice. This too shall pass….