Monday, October 29, 2007

It never hurts to ask!

Although I consider myself the Jason Bourne of coupon shopping, there are occasions where you may not think to use coupons or ask for a discount. Have no never hurts to ask. Recently I placed an order with Coldwater Creek. I got some great things in their outlet at 50% off. A few days after I ordered they had a new coupon code for 60% off. I called and asked if I could get the extra discount (at the suggestion of my Aunt) and they said yes! Woot! I was scared, but hey the worst they could say was no! Coldwater Creek is awesome and their clothes are so well made. I have learned so much about being frugal and a better steward with our money. I hope I pass all this to Bean so that she really learns the value of a dollar.

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