Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Learning a new skill!

I taught Bean a new skill…inadvertently of course! Here it is- - are ya ready?
If you see a bug on someone or something, calmly approach said bug, and blow. Yes, because apparently the gale force winds emitted by your own breath, paralyze the bug with fear and it retreats into permanent hiding. There it is – I am so proud!

I did not realize why she tried to spit or blow on bugs till a couple weeks ago. I was at the park with friends and there was a giant ant on my friend. I told her, ever so calmly of course, and she gave me the terror look, “Get it off.” So I did what any good friend does, I blew on it. Thankfully another friend intervened and removed mutantly large ant from said friend. Then everyone laughed….and I realized I blow on bugs, therefore I taught Bean to do this.

For those of you who know me well, you know I have issues with bugs. Growing up on the Texas coast, in the land of flying cockroaches, I learned from an early age how to run and barricade yourself in your room, stuffing a giant towel under the door, so said giant roach could not get you. Thankfully, my Mom, is a bug master. She can catch a flying roach in her hand toss it out the door and not even blink. It is a gift I tell you – a gift that my Mom did not pass to me. Guess which parent I got my fear from…hint – it is not my Mom – the bugslayer! Yeah – Dad you know it is you! Hint – don’t ask my Dad to remove said bug from your shirt – you are better off asking me!

When bugs have wings – well they scare me. Spiders (for the most part) are not going to fly at the room and get me. Those dumb flying roaches will. Thankfully, most of the roaches where we live now do not fly…but I do look closely…just to make sure I don’t see any wings. So the moral to this story is this: If you have a bug on you and need to be rescued, only turn to me if you are truly desperate. I may blow on the bug or shriek like a cat, but I will get the job done for a friend.


Cindi said...

Coming from the other land of the giant flying roaches and cockroaches, I can really appreciate this! : ) Thanks for sharing.

Stacemoe said...

You are too too funny!!! Bugs totally don't bother me, so if we are ever together and bug tries to attack you...I've got your back!!!!!