Thursday, October 18, 2007

Surgery News

I had my consult today.

I have been praying that God give me direction and guide my path. I am quite frankly a little scared about having more surgeries.
I was praying the other day and asked God to clearly tell me what to do. I even (ah-hem) suggested a text message would be nice. You never know – God is almighty!

So I had my consult today and my Dr. is just awesome. While he was consulting with us he said that he understands how hard it is on us to get so far and then stop – and do it all over again. He want’s us to finish this race. Then he said something that was kind of profound. He said “God does not want you to not do IVF and these stumbling blocks are just part of the process….this is not God not telling you not to do this” In so many words…of course he said – “you know I am not God – but that is how I feel.”

I was kind of floored the Dr. said all this, because one of the questions I was going to ask the Dr is “What does your gut say about us doing IVF?” When we adopted Bean in was so clear that God had us on that path to Russia at that time for a specific child. Our Dr. has an adopted child and bio child – so he understands how wonderful adoption is. He knows that we desire a family and are considering what path we need to pursue.

So what does this mean? We are still processing it all. The Dr. wants to do a double surgery a hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy. He needs to get to the fibroids (although they could be polyps) and get those out. Then he wants to go in and check my belly/abdomen and ovaries. He said that this is all medically necessary and it will clean me up and get us ready for IVF. Just as a reminder I am dealing with ruptured appendix (destroyed my fallopian tubes, had to have them removed), advanced endometriosis (I have had since I was 14 years old), Pelvic Adhesion Disease (my organs and stuff just stick together because of all the scar tissue and such) and the newest addition fibroids and/or polyps.

I ask you to pray for us specifically:

  • Guidance and direction
  • Insurance will pay for surgery and cover it as all in network
  • My health and safety before/during and after surgery
  • That there are no more surprises during surgery and that things look good down there with my ovaries and uterus
  • Our finances
  • Roon and Bean while I am having surgery and recovering
  • This is unrelated – but our animals are having health issues. Beauty (our cat) is in pre-renal failure and is not eating her prescription cat foods and Alex is having allergies and losing hair

    Thanks – yall are the best!


Stacemoe said...

Praying for ya'll!!! If you ever need help with Evie just let me know. Hang in there...

Kathy M said...

Love you Honey! Im always praying for you. I know that GOD will comfort you, give you direction, and open doors for you. He will never leave you. I hope you can get a little rest, this as a lot to absorb in one day. Just let us know if you need anything.Love, Mom

crayonmommy said...

love you alot & thinking about you. know that God will protect you spiritualy and physically during this time. --- remember- WONDER WOMAN! you can do ALL things! love u!

Rooney's Little Musings said...

We've only meet once, at crayonmommy's little girl's 2nd birthday...but your story has touched me. Please know that I will keep you in my prayers!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Yall for all your comments and support - they are so appreciated!

Suz said...

Aw Steph, I'm sorry you are having to face more surgery, but glad to hear your doctor's honesty and belief that God does have a role in this.

I'm definitely praying for you!