Thursday, October 11, 2007

Build a Bear maketh this frugal Mommy weak

I took Bean to the mall for a pretzel. We parked in front of Build A Bear (mommy mistake #1). Bean took great joy in running to the window to shop for a potential new friend. I told her we would come back on our way to the car (mommy mistake #2). We ate said cinnamon pretzel (oh how we likey) and returned to car where I was reminded we needed to go inside Build A Bear and we did (mommy mistake #3). And then I succumbed to the glitter and dazzle of it all. I admit I was just as excited as Bean about outfitting that gorgeous white and pink stuffed poodle. Bean triumphantly ran through the store grabbing purses and boots and hair accessories...oh boy! I told her just one outfit and above is the result. Meet Sissy (named by bean), the newest member of our family. I did have a coupon - so that gave me a little bit of peace about spending the $28.00. I never knew the joys of Building a Bear or a poodle, or bunny (Grandma build a bunny with her a couple years ago). And now I do, and that is no mistake - Build a Bear I heart you!

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crayonmommy said...

oh, I wish I could go build a bear. it looks so fun. maybe one day. :) Sissy is a cutie! Love the Superman shirt!