Friday, March 5, 2010

Trying to think of what to say....

In my head I have all sorts of great blog posts.....but in reality I rarely put the pen to paper so to speak. So I figure as random as it is - here is the return to blogging.

So the other day I am attempting to clean all the bathrooms in the house. I phase the cleaning as to not mix the know sinks/counters, mirrors and generally the potty is last. So I clean all the toilets in the house. Now - some of you may have sons/husbands that leave the potty seats all the way up. I am constantly telling my hubby that I am going to fall in one day cause he leaves the seat up! So - you may see where I am going with this. After all the hard core potty cleaning, I left the potty seat up in my bathroom. So the inevitable happened as I was hurrying up to use the potty - I sat on it lid up. There are two bright sides to this story. Number one - I realized the error of my ways pretty darn quick before I got stuck. Secondly the potty was clean inside and out. So with that - blogging I am back.