Friday, March 21, 2008

Yippee! We have started IVF!

I got my enormous box of med’s last week – wow that was a bit intimating! I had my check-in with the fertility specialist yesterday to have my blood taken and a sonogram done. Everything looked good and my levels were where they needed to be.

We started shots at the Dr.’s office. They gave us instructions and Roon gave me my first shot of Lupron. It really did not hurt. Taking my blood – hurt far worse than the shot. The nurse could not get my vain so I had to drink water and wait. They tried after my sonogram with the other arm and were able to get the vain the second time.

We start stimulation med’s on Saturday morning – so I will be taking four shots a day starting Saturday. My IVF protocol is different than the standard IVF protocol. I am on what’s called a Flair protocol due to my history of endometriosis and to prevent hyper-stimulation.

Please say some prayers for us as most of you all know how long we have been waiting to do this. I know that the time is right now and as always it is God’s time not our own. I thank God we traveled the adoption road first and are blessed with an amazing daughter. Even though that journey had its ups and downs as well – it was so clear and so guided by God. The joy of being a Mommy – and having Bean already – makes the IVF all that more worth it. Being a Mom is a privilege and I am reminded of that daily. Bean has been begging for twins or a sibling. She asked me the other day if we could go the “Baby Center” and pick one out. I explained that you can’t just go buy a sister or brother….

Oh and few things of note that happened recently. I got a phone call last week from out of state from a guy looking for someone with my name – he said he was looking for the Stephanie with twins….hmmm not me yet! Then yesterday one of Roon’s co-workers came up to him and told him she had a dream that I was pregnant with twins. He told her that we just started IVF – so what timing! Since high school I have told people I was going to have fraternal twins (boy and girl). I wonder if that was a desire that God put in me long ago to prepare me for now. I hope so! But as always – God has a perfect plans for us. Happy Good Friday to all!


Kathryn said...

Awesome news!! We are praying for you guys. I remember when you would talk about twins when I was very young so that would be so cool.

crayonmommy said...

Can I call them Banana twins? ha hah ah ... Love ya'll and PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING!