Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Miss Sickey

It is me - not the Bean that is sick right now. I woke up in the wee hours Monday with a wicked sore throat. Since the Dr. is always packed on Monday, I made an appointment while Bean was at MDO out Tuesday. I got right in and right out - Love that!

Turns out I have some sort of major ear infection (has a really fancy name) that has caused my lymph nodes to swell and make me feel puny. So I got an antibiotic and hope to be on the mend real soon. My throat feels way better today - but my head feels like a train is running through it with all the pressure it has inside. My family Dr. was so awesome to listen and just hear what I had to say. I made sure to tell him (about a billion times) I need to be well by March 20th when we start IVF. He really listed and took notes on all my IVF journeys.

Oh- I also have had some allergic reaction for the past month that has caused my lip to swell up - lovely I know. I ate some salsa on Beans birthday and since then it has happened three times. the Dr. told me it does sound like an allergy and sometimes once you eat something like that it has a hard time leaving your system. Your immune system revs up and tries to fight it - so I have to take Claritin to suppress the histamines in my system so hopefully it won't happen again. I eat salsa all the time, but this particular salsa was from a mix and had an unusual chili spice that I must be allergic to - who knew?

One other thing about my Dr that is way cool. When I was leaving he touched my arm and said he will be praying for me about IVF and that we deserve it! Now that is just awesome. This Dr. knows both Roon and I well as he has been Roon's Dr. for years. One time I could not get in to my Dr. and was so glad I had to see him - because he is awesome! I am so glad that I made the switch. It really makes a difference to have a Dr. who is a Christian and will pray for you!

Here's to feeling better!

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