Monday, March 10, 2008

How do you say good-bye?

I seriously have no idea how to write this...

Today I took our cat, Beauty, to the vet this morning. She has been in pre-renal failure since September and we have been trying all sorts of foods since then. She does not like kidney food and has been very moody these past few months. Recently she has been trying to escape our house via the garage or back door. I know this is bad as cats sometimes have a sense as to when they are sick and need to leave to die. Our vet says she is trying to go to the happy place.

Ok-crying so am taking a break will finish later...

Ok- I am back - just indulged in a Taco Bueno dinner....completely un weight watchers - but I do love the mexi dips and chips and I needed it.

So back to our girl, we had her blood taken again and her levels are worse and she has moved to her kidneys failing. Basically she has lost more weight, is eating sporadically, not going poop very much, not grooming very much and her pee smells like ammonia. She also has thrown up some and had some throw up or poo accidents. She also has the uremic breath which is indicative or renal failure. Since her numbers are worse and her symptoms are getting worse the vet has recommended euthanasia. As much as we hate to, we don't want her to suffer any more. Thus we have decided to have her put to rest on Thursday. This just sucks.
We adopted Beauty just after we got married thirteen years ago. My cat Mittens had died suddenly after having surgery, and Beauty has been a blessing in our lives. I remember when we first saw her at PetSmart adoption day. Another couple was looking at her, and we approached after they left her cage. The first thing she did was look at us and lick Roon. We were smitten.
We named her Beauty because she had a regalness about her and because her fur is just so pretty. She will be missed greatly and I know that Mittens will take care of her in Heaven.

Our vet has recommended that Alex (our dog) go with her to say good-bye as he says that sometimes if pets don't say good-bye they always are looking for the other to come home and searching for them. He said that once Alex sniffs her she will know Beauty is gone and is not coming home. Since they are pretty close and Alex is a bit on the obsessive compulsive side this does sound like a good idea.

So we will be spending lots of quality time with our little girl - knowing that she has been a great cat and we hope that she has enjoyed her time with us here. Please pray for us as this decision is heart wrenching and I am having a very hard time with it.

Since I start IVF next week I am already a little emotional - so I can imagine once I have all those hormones in my system I will be amped up even more.

Thanks for reading.


emmasmomma said...


So sorry for your sad news. I know that you love Beauty and this will be a hard time. I will be praying for peace for all of you.

Love you bunches,


Cindi said...

I'm so sorry. I am praying for you and know that God will wrap you in His comfort as you go through this.

Love you,

Rooney's Little Musings said...

I'm so sorry. I had to put my childhood kitty to sleep last year and it was really hard. I will be praying for you guys. You are also in my prayers for the IVF next week! And can I just say....what a great Dr. you have!!

Suz said...

Oh gosh, I can't even imagine going through this with your body pumped full of infertility drugs!!!! I'm praying for y'all all the way around!