Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Birthday Party for Jesus!!

We were invited to a birthday party to celebrate the birth of Jesus last week. On the way to the party, Bean asked “Mommy What is Jesus’ middle name?” Trying to think quickly I thought “Christ.” Then I went on to explain that he really just goes my Jesus since he is the Christ. So she thought about it and asked “So Jesus is going to be at his party right?” Well I explained that he would be there in spirit. That satisfied her and I was happy about that. The party was great and Bean did wonderfully in the reenactment of the birth of Christ. She portrayed a wise man and brought frankincense as her gift. My friend had put a wash cloth dipped in essential oils in her basket. Bean loved smelling her gift (over and over). After constructing Baby Jesus in the manger with marshmallows and haystacks we were on our way. On the door was a tree to write on there what we would like to give Jesus for Christmas. Immediately – Bean knew the answer – “Mommy a Barbie Island Princess.” I was thinking along the lines of love or something…but Barbie is good. I just love how big her heart is!!

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crayonmommy said...

love it! :) Cant wait to see ya'll soon!