Saturday, January 19, 2008

Family Hair Cuts!

Yes you read that right - we all (even Bean) got our hair cuts today. I knew the day was coming that my baby (ok I know she is turning four soon) got her first hair cut. It is SOOOOOOOO hard to think about cutting off that baby hair. I mean for two years she barely had hair. I remember the brown fuzz that used to constitute the entirety of her head. Then - slowly - a beautiful mass of golden curls came in & I have been in hair love ever since. It was hard but I (ok I mean Bean) was brave. We started by having Daddy's hair done. Roon has curly hair...after much pleading he is growing his hair trimmed and styled and boy does it look good!

Then Raspberry Tort (think Strawberry Shortcake) took her turn in the chair. Evie wanted to make sure that it did not hurt...but as she pointed out to the entire salon..dolls can't feel so of course it would not hurt. Raspberry came through with flying colors, so next it was Bean's turn. Be still my heart as that first cut was made....and a clump of golden beauty was forever gone from my daughter's head. I know.....I need to move on..but still it was hard to see it go. Our stylist assured me that it was time for a haircut and it was needed...cause you know I was trying to stall a bit longer. She is becoming such a big girl every day.

Then it was my turn. Just last night my friend Amy told me how nice my hair looked. And ya know what - I liked it too. Why is it the day before your haircut you - like your hair?? Then there is the age old dilemma..trim or style...trim or style. My stylist knows I like to try new she encouraged me to get these side swept bangs and razored edges. Yeah - Bean says I am very stylish and since she is almost four - I know she is telling the truth (ok quit laughing - I had sweat pants on - but the above my neck I was stylish)!

Anyway - here are some pics! Have a great weekend!


crayonmommy said...

aw! so cute with the doll and all. I want pics of you and Evie. Email us! :)

The Joys of having Boys said...

I can't wait to see the new do or dew or oh, you no what I mean!!