Monday, January 7, 2008

Oy - How I love a Good Deal and....

CVS does not disappoint! My year to date savings (as of January 1st - so just a week now) are already $646.70!! Who loves CVS - come on raise your hands in the air - CVS (Whoop Whoop)!! You know ya want to dance ;)

Here is my haul from yesterday. I spent $3.14 (on my gift card for filling prescriptions of course) and earned $28 in Extra Care Bucks. Not pictured below is a gallon of milk! These savings are a huge blessing and I hope that you can save like me. My little sister did even better than me - so shout out to you too! The sixteen boxes of Mac N Cheese make Bean so happy! Oh and the savings don't stop here...I am going to send in for a rebate on the Colgate products and will get a bag of goodies and coupons from Colgate valued at $25. Yippee!


crayonmommy said...

i bow down in reverence to your awesomeness. I have to make sure Brian sees this!

David said...

CVS - oh yeah baby! Last weekends haul for me was $198 of stuff and I earned $52 in Extra Care bucks for a whopping $4.44 on my gift card!

See my dance pic.