Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How did my banana bread explode?

I saw no warning in the recipe. See while I was making it Bean decided to lock the bathroom door from the outside and tell me the water was running. Well it wasn't...Praise God...but Mommy needed a moment (ok several moments) to calm down. After talking with Bean (yeah my voice may have been a bit higher than usual), googling how to unlock doors, taking said lock apart, getting grease everywhere....I walked away from the door. Daddy can fix it later. So - go back to the bread and realize I was supposed to separate the wet and dry ingredients.

Oops - they were all going together at some point so I figured I would press on. I was making a bread loaf and muffins. Things started off good - good aroma, good rising.....then I smelled the burning! The bread had erupted...mushing molten glop all over the oven. Well at least the muffins appear to survive. Have to say what Roon says about them later ;)

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