Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuna Fish Tuesday!

For my friends who are wanting the scoop on deals - this is for you!
If you have a Supertarget - you should go and get some cheap tuna fish. The starkist tuna (in water) is .59 cents at my Super T. Combined with the Super T coupon, it makes them .09 cents a can. Yeah Baby! Super Target puts up new coupons on their website every two weeks or so. There are some fabulous deals with these coupons. Their is a nifty coupon generator over at afullcup.com where you can print the coupons in multiples at a time.
My Super T limits be to five like items at a time with coupons - but not all do.
Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

emmasmomma said...

Thank you for the tip!!! I will be going there today!!