Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sometimes I feel like the Jason Bourne of Coupon Shopping!

(close-up picture)

All this for $5.59 - Rock On!

(picture shows my 9 boxes of kleenex)

I admit – sometimes when the adreline is running, I feel the pull to run through the grocery store – gathering my goods – fearing no one – jumping thru displays – climbing shelves – digging behind displays to see what others have hidden. (in case you don’t know – people do hide things they want to come back for behind other products) I have the total bill calculated in my head and am awaiting the glorious results at the register. And yes – I admit it – I have theme songs that run thru my head. Today I am thinking of the Moby song from the Bourne Ultimatum (timely since I just watched in last night). I could be the super-hero of coupons. Have a snazzy little outfit and everything.

I know what you are thinking, in actuality; I look more like a wonder twin. Remember them “Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE!!” I used to force my brother to do that with me while we watched hours of cartoons on Saturday Mornings. Of course when we got older – only he was allowed to be He-Man and I got to be Sheera. My poor sister had to be Battle Cat. Ok- So I Digress…..but the point here is that saving MONEY is fun! See how you can do next time you are out.
I am very blessed with all these great deals and hope you will be too!


Cindi said...

You are a maniac!!! Are you sure you're not addicted to coupons??? j/k! : )

crayonmommy said...

I don't remember WONDER TWINS, but I asked Brian if he did and he says he vaguely remembers it. I read him this blog and he made a goofy face. I think your blog is getting better and better everyday. I think you should start an exclusive COUPON BLOG like my lipgloss blog. :) YOU ARE A NUT.