Friday, April 3, 2009

Uh Mommy...this smells funny

Well...looks like bath time Ariel will be heading to our local garbage dump. It is a great concept for the bathtub...barbies in the bathtub. The downfall is that Bean had no desire to keep this as a bathtub toy. After her maiden bathtub voyage...she begged that it become a land loving barbie so she could love it and snuggle it at any given time. We dried her off and she became a full time member of the land loving barbie brigade. So the other day we are in the living room and there is a funky smell. Generally the dog is blamed for every unusual smell...but I noticed that Bean was flinging the Ariel doll around and the smell was worse. Turns out Bean has been bathing Ariel every morning in the sink to get her hair to change colors. Then she puts the wet Ariel with the other Barbies in the Barbie drawer (yes we have an entire drawer dedicated to them) and dry. I asked her have you been drying Ariel before she goes in the drawer...of course Mommy I use the skittles fan to dry her every morning. See exhibit B below. That is awesome cause the skittles fan is about as powerful as my dogs breathing. So - you see the Barbie had to go - cause something was festering in her hair. Good-bye Ariel enjoy your new adventure!

I know you are all wondering, where can I get a $6.50 skittles fan. Yeah it really was that much...but Bean had a gift certificate to Limited Two (Justice for Girls now I think) and she choose that along with some webkinz. Oh and don't worry, Bean also snuck the skittles fan and enjoyed the sweet delectable candy for breakfast one morning. I always know she is up to no good when she says "Mommy everything is fine in here - don't come in." Yeah I am coming in even faster now!

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crayonmommy said...

ha ha ha ha....i love her!