Thursday, June 18, 2009

More House Pics

Here are some highlights that have happened over the past two weeks. Seems like they are really booking it since the slab has been poured. We had some really bad storms last week (while our house was being framed), but all is well and God blessed us and our frame was just fine. Another home a bit ahead of ours in the schedule was completely blown down though. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

view from the front of the slab

first floor going up

2nd floor going up

the stairs...I love the curve

view from the picture window in game room - window seats being framed
This is so exciting!! Thanks for reading!


Kahla said...

How exciting!

One woman, three boys! said...

Wow girl, I'm so happy for you guys. It's so exciting.

Suz said...

Isn't it fun! I didn't even know about all this!! I've been Blog MIA for a couple months.

Do you get to choose everything? I was in my laundry room the other day and thought, "I need to tell everyone who is building a house to get a pull out faucet in their laundry room sink" (if you have one) you'll use it alot! Plus a drying rod above the sink.

Johnna said...

Super Exciting!!