Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More pics of the Homestead

We have progressed quite a bit in the construction process since my last update. We have a roof, electrical, plumbing and should have HVAC this week. The brick and drywall have been on-site for about two weeks, but due to a red tag (over some engineering issues - inspector is very detailed - that is a good thing) and the copper being stolen out of the house....our time frame is looking to be pushed back till mid-September. Hopefully that is our only delay!
porch in back of house

view into kitchen at bar area

fireplace (which will have stone around it)

roof going on

front of house


crayonmommy said...

very cool. I love Roon on the back porch in his classic "hands on hip" pose.

Kahla said...

I think it's looking great!

Andy said...

Just catchin up with you on your blog! Beautiful house Stephanie! Hope all is going well!

Andy said...

It's me Ginger not Andy! ;-)