Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The homestead update

Wow - what a difference a couple weeks makes. Seems like things are really moving again which makes us so happy. We are delayed about 4 weeks now....so looking to close near the end of September. Here are the updated pictures. We have insulation, drywall, brick, the staircase, cabinets and today they were putting the doors and frames in! It is very exciting to see it all take shape!

drywall in game room

a whole lotta insulation

brick in the front

a man and his garage!

stair case with wood and iron

porch bricked

cabinets in kitchen

iron detail on stair...I love how they came out!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful home! I am glad construction is finally moving along.

crayonmommy said...


Kahla said...

Wow, it's really coming along, can't wait to see it all done (I'm sure you can't either)!

Suz said...

Wowwee Kazowee! That's a beautiful new home you're building! I know you are so excited. It is so much fun.

Keep us updated!