Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beeps in the Night

Sometimes ya just want a good night's sleep.
Then you hear the subtle chirping of your smoke detector, letting you know it needs battery attention. Then you drift into sleep, and the subtle becomes angry and starts beeping like a rooster crowing. So your great hubby, takes said batteries out and you drift off again, only to hear the same noise coming from down the hall. Trying not to wake up your sleeping daughter, you repeat (I mean husband repeats - while I coordinate from bed) said motions trying to balance a ladder in the dark. Ah- peace and quite yet again. Only a few short hours later, the carbon monoxide detector wants to join in the battery fun.
Oh What a night! Guess when you put all new batteries in at once - they all go out at once!

1 comment:

emmasmomma said...

I HATE that. I usually just whack them with a broom until they stop. Thus the wires hanging from my ceiling everwhere......