Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Larry" the friendly Leprechaun

So After reading Family Fun magazine I got this brilliant idea or rather "Larry" the Leprechaun did anyway. Larry made his first visit to our house yesterday when we discovered the green rice below..sneaky leprechaun. He left Bean a nice note and picture to color. Today, he struck again coloring her macaroni for school green. At first - Bean thought this was kinda cool. But then she thought that Larry just spit all over her macaroni to make it green. Needless to say I had to explain that Larry is nice and just mischievous but is very friendly and likes to play fun jokes. Well - I think the plan has backfired as Bean is scared of Larry now - and does not want him to come back. I wrote him a note - so he will go visit other kids.....sometimes the best plans to not turn out...I bet by tomorrow she has changed her mind again. Oh well - it was fun while it lasted.

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Suz said...

I love Family Fun! I think the Leprechaun traps are a cute idea.