Monday, March 30, 2009

Six Flags Fun!

This picture makes me laugh...the look on Bean's face is priceless....even the log ride can cause me to scream.

It has been probably 10 years since we last went to Six Flags. It seems the older I get the less ride adventurous I have become. The spinney rides are no friend to me - so I am real picky about what I choose to ride. Our friends were very generous and took us with their free guest tickets for being season pass holders. What a treat and what a day we had. First off the weather was gorgeous. I think the high temp was 70 degrees. The crowds were very light...during the opening there were no lines for about an hour on most of the non-thrill rides. Even the Titan and Tony Hawk ride were only about a 10-15 minute wait. Not that I rode pick for adventurous ride was the parachute fall...I am so brave, I know. Bean and I did partake of the mine train....we did not even realize there was a mini-mine train so we went straight for the more daring version. It was mostly all good till the dark tunnel and then sudden drop at the end. Bean was not too pleased at that. She blamed me...but I honestly had no idea (which is good - cause with rides sometimes the less I know, the better).

We decided to try the roaring water ride...figuring that we would not get wet. Last time I rode this thing...seems like the water barely spit on me. Needless to say we were ringing our clothes out at the end of the ride. One of the scary parts of the afternoon ensued while we were waiting for the parachute ride and Bean decided to stick her pointer finger in the metal hole that holds the gate rope. The finger got stuck - real stuck. I imagined fire trucks in our very near future. Roon says he liked out how I "checked out", but really I was praying and trying not to look like I was freaking out. Thankfully Roon improvised and spit all over the finger and wiggled it out...just in time for their turn to ride the chute ride. We had such a fun time and no doubt will have to venture back again soon.