Friday, November 30, 2007

The Turkey that could

So, I got this free 19.5 pound turkey on Sunday night. We thawed and got it ready for battle (I mean cooking). We decided to do something called the Sittin Turkey. It is a very cool device that my parents got us for Christmas last year. Basically it mimics making a "Beer Can Turkey." So Roon cleaned and spiced the big girl up this morning. I cut up onions and shoved them up into the top of turkey. I filled said Turkey device up with amber beer. Then came the problem. How does little ole me - get big giant turkey onto said device without dropping the bird or losing the beer. So I gathered my strength (and I am still recovering from surgery mind you) and held all 19.5 pounds of giant turkey in left hand and tried (with all my might) to get turkey on device. I LOST!
All my pretty onions came out and bird was flopping about on arm....Very sad sight. Being the determined girl I am, I tried again. This time I went as fast as humanly possible. Loaded bird onto right arm, holding onions in with fingers, moved device and plop! Now my bird is not as pretty as the box and is kinds lop sided, but I did it!
See picture below:

So then I tried to straighted the bird up and it looked like she was going to walk away - Please see exhibit 2 below - "Walking Turkey."

But Alas I decided she looked ready for the oven. Getting her in there was a fun time too. Bean just watched me and said "Mommy that is not going to fit." And yes it did not - but I finally got the second shelf out and got the bird in.

I am victorious! Now hopefully this will be some Rockin Good Turkey!

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