Monday, November 26, 2007

Umm Umm Good!

We did not cook a turkey this year - yet anyway. I went and grabbed my free turkey from Kroger's last night though. All 19 pounds of it is thawing right now. Roon said get something small...well small is relative right? The only turkey's left were the big and mighty large ones! I did make some yummy mash potatoes this year. I got the recipe off the pioneer woman cooks. If you have not visited her web site - you should. She provides pics and comments that will knock your fuzzy slippers off. She has this picture of mashed potatoes (all waiting to be mashed) and it says "hello lover." So true....who does not love some good mashers. These are really yummy and can be made ahead. Happy Eating!

1 comment:

Jeff said...

The massive amount of traffic to her site from your blog must have crashed her server.. :-( I'll have to try it again later. I want a big cookie with that written on it. LOL