Monday, September 8, 2008

New School and Pre-K

Ready to Go!
Bean and her teacher.

My baby is growing up so fast! Last week she started Pre-K and is just eating it all up! We had to switch schools at the last minute - Praise God - cause it was definitely a God move. I had felt that our old school was having leadership problems and the main reason I kept Bean there was for the teachers. The day of registration her Pre-K teacher called to tell me she was leaving and I knew it was time to make the move. Thankfully God orchestrated everything and we are now in an amazing Pre-K that is just awesome. Bean loves being a big girl! The second day of school they had a drama reenactment of the Three Bears. It just cracked me up to hear Bean talk about it. She gets in the car and says "Mommy, we did a story today and I was the Momma Bear." Great I say. She crosses her arm and says "Yeah, but I was really upset- I wanted to be Goldilocks." Ahh - the drama "literally" starts early here. I explained the importance of every one's role in the story and how integral Momma Bear is and I think she appreciated that ;)


brandi said...
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brandi said...

(2nd times a charm)
I LOVE it!!! Thanks for being one of the moms that explains that her role was important and not the one that fights to have her little girl be Goldilocks next time!Teachers everywhere appreciate it!

Kahla said...

Too cute!