Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pre-Vacation, Shrimp Boil Ya'll!

Look at all this goodness!
The corn rocked my world!
So full we can barely move!

Just before we left to go on vacation we did something fabulous that I highly recommend! We went to the Saturday night Shrimp Boil at Central Market. Can you say hand licken, knee slapping, tongue tingling, jumped out of the Gulf Good? I can! The shrimp were uber fresh...like they literally had just been caught that morning fresh. Since I grew up on the TX coast - I know me some fresh shrimp and these were sure them. We all got into it and ate till literally we could eat no more. Makes me want to eat some more shrimp!


emmasmomma said...

Looks yummy....sorry we had to miss it!

Suz said...


Oh how I miss Central Market! The perils of living in Mayberry.