Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tunes on Tuesday!

I am overjoyed to tell you that Enya has a brand new CD out today! I just downloaded it and already can tell that this is going to be on replay for a long time at my house. If you are not familiar with Enya...then my heart aches for you....because you need to be. Enya has an angelic voice that can soothe your soul, literally. During college, when I was totally stressed out, I would play Enya and get lost in my dreams and thoughts. This album is a Christmas album, but I can see my listening to it in July. So - if you have some extra cash and want some warm tunes to mellow out to, then go get you some Enya. The album is called And Winter Came.

For dedicated Enya fans - what is your all time favorite song? It is hard to narrow it down to one, but I have. It is Marble Falls, which was on the Shepherd Moon album. How it really caught my attention was that it was featured in the movie, The Age of Innocence. I have listened to that song over and over again. It is that good. Tell me what your favorite Enya Song is!

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