Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend update, Uber Crafty Me and Mothra no more......

So this weekend, Roon, in all his hunting glory got a Buck. I think "got" sounds nicer than the alternative word...so let's just stick with that shall we? We are going to have a whole lotta sausage in a few weeks. I love me some deer sausage.

Bean got a headache around 5:30 on Friday night...by 9:30 she had the chills and a high fever. After 24 hours of Motrin/Tylenol, I web checked in for CareNow and was able to get her seen on Saturday night. Turns out it was strep throat so I am really glad that we went. After a trek all over across town trying to find a pharmacy that was open and stocked with Amoxicillin, we struck pay dirt at Walgreens (our fourth pharmacy). She really started to feel better late Sunday night so I was very happy and relieved. Thank you Jesus for Saturday doctor visits.

For those who were wondering about "Mothra" the mutant moth - it is dead. Mothra flew in the house and hid from me for a day. It then decided to go hide in the refrigerator. I just knew the stupid moth was eating my leftover pizza. After some coaxing from my girlfriends we decided the moth froze and was no longer a threat to me or the contents of the fridge. When Roon got home - he found Mothra's body and disposed of it. I do not like Moths!

Here is a fun picture of the Cereal Box Turkeys and Turkey Leg Hats we made. The Turkey leg hat's were featured in November Family Fun magazine and the cereal box turkey's can be found here at this awesome blog - linky.
recycling at work here

Bean and Emma - we improvised with newspaper cause I did not have any brown paper sack lunch boxes...still came out cute!

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Riley Alan Blackman said...

I love the turkeys....so crafty.