Monday, November 24, 2008

The Week in Review........

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving! Wowsa! We had a busy week with the Thanksgiving festivities at Bean's Pre-K. It is so much fun to be in her classroom and see her world at school. I think her personality is always going to keep us on our toes. We noticed that her name was on a green circle and singled out with one other little boys from the rest. Oh- she must have done something extra special I thought...but it was just another yellow light stop. We stop a lot on the yellow light - the learning color. Basically you lose your green light privileges for not obeying the rules. Our little Bean likes to talk, and talk and well you know talk. The teacher has moved her a few times and the good news is that she is an equal opportunity talker. She likes to chatter no matter where she is ;) I think I like the yellow right now - she is learning and she is not afraid to be a leader and risk taker. Dig the pilgrim outfit above. We have video of the event - but unless I can figure out subtitles there is no way of really making it all out. Bean's big line was directed to the Native Americans, as a pilgrim and she said "We are cold and hungry and running out of food." Proud moment I tell you, can you say Oscar?

Since soccer season is over for the winter, we are exploring sports to try again. We tried a new gymnastics class and she loved it! The teacher was doing evaluations and she went ahead and evaluated Bean. Bean passed every basic skill on the sheet and is ready to move to the green level. Once she finished green, it is blue and then from there she can be invited to the Select Pre-School Team. I notice that in sporting events the word "Select" is all abuzz. that a ploy for the kids or parents I wonder. Anyhoo I know what you are thinking and yes visions of Olympic gold have started to dance through my head...aww I need to get a grip she is just four now. Sometimes I think as a parent it is easy to forget just how little they are - when all the buzz words like "select" and training and she is never too young to start. I want Bean to do what she loves, not what I love. So if you see me turning into uber competitive crazy Mom - let me know.

Speaking of - funny story about me being uber crazy competitive mom (UCCM) - cookies. Bean chose for our family to bring cookies to the Thanksgiving feast at Pre-K. I asked her what kind she wanted to make - chocolate chip. So I got out my handy dandy Betty Crocker mix cookies and I baked. But I felt something was missing - I needed a special something for the adults. I needed the Rockstar of all cookies. I knew immediately I would turn to my friend google. I found an AMAZING recipe for white chocolate cranberry cookies...I even dreamed about how good these cookies were going to be. So I get up the next morning, drop the Bean off, and come home to make my masterpieces...and yes I thought they were fabulouso!! I admit I put them in a prettier bowl (yes the UCCM in me) and waited. And then the teacher and another Mom came up and told be how delicious they were and how they needed the recipe Stat!....Oh those little things - whey no problem - they are so easy and I will get you the recipe. That was the calm exterior of my outside self - inside the UCCM in me was doing cartwheels and ready to run a marathon (ok not really - but you get the picture). I guess that being world's greatest Mom race starts early...I need to remember that is is a journey not a race ;)

Tomorrow I will update you on our weekend and for those who are anxiously awaiting - I have a Mothra update(I will explain later).

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