Monday, May 12, 2008

Have you ever

left your house and wondered why your shoes were so comfortable - only to look down and see that you are wearing your slippers?
Nice - just call me stylish please.


Anonymous said...

Wearing your slippers in nothing. One Black Friday my mother and grandmother and I, went out to a store that opened at 6AM. That meant they got dressed in the dark. While walking thru the store, I noted that my mother had two different shoes on. One was a heel and one was flat. You would have thought she would have noticed but she did not. When my sister saw her, walking down an aisle, the first glimpse we had, she started howling.
What was worse, after that shopping event, we went out to breakfast. We knew people had to notice. However we did eat and took her home to get one of the matching shoes. We still never let her forget it.

One woman, three boys! said...

I guess the "comfort" factor just made you forget! Maybe that's what is happening when I see women in the store with their slippers on. On 2nd thought, there is probably something else going on there. ")

Stephanie said...

Linda - I too have worn the two different shoes - to work no less. LOL! But mine were both flats - I imagine your Mom had a hard time keeping up with yall shopping in those!

Lisa said...

That is hilarious! I once ran myself ragged one morning trying to get my kids and the little girl I was watching ready to go on an outing. As we were getting everyone loaded in the van, my son said, "Mommy, are you going to were those to the park?". I looked down at what he was talking about and saw that I was still sporting my pajama bottoms! I had even put my shoes and socks on with them but had not noticed. What a morning that was!