Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Re-cap!

We had a fun weekend - not too stressful but great visiting with some friends. Roon's great friend from high school, James, came into town and we got to visit with him and go out to one of our favorite fish places. We even got him liken the Wii. Saturday, Roon went fishing with a buddy, and had a great time, even though the fish count was low.
Later Saturday, we had a birthday party, which we all just hung out afterwards at and chilled. Isn't it nice to have friends and kids who all just get along ;) Sunday we had Church then went to Dickie's (kids eat free on Sunday's) and got to visit with some more great friends. All in all it was a great weekend.
Today we weighed in (we are back on the wagon again) and Roon lost 6.3 pounds in one week. Yep - I am happy for him, but listen to this. On Saturday he told me he ordered the healthy option at I-Hop, which was - get ready y'all - Chicken Fried Steak with multi-grain pancakes?? Huh - well I guess it works for him. I almost lost a pound - but hey - I will take it.
Bean had her dance pictures done today and worked the camera. The photographer came up to me and said "You know you have quite the ham - don't you?" Uh - yeah - I heard her in there when they were saying Smile and say "peaches" and she was like no I want to smile and say "oranges." Well - her personality shines through that is for sure.
I also finally won my first round of Wii tennis....I think it took like 15 try's. I am just struggling with that one.
We have decided to re-do all our bathrooms - so look for pictures soon. We are starting on the Bean's bathroom this weekend. The wall paper is falling off in sheets - so hopefully that will make for a quick start. We plan to texture the walls, paint, replace the sink fixture, lighting fixture, and re-decorate with fun accessories. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh - and I know some are curious - but we have yet to move forward with any decisions on IVF. We are praying and waiting for clarity.


Cindi said...

So cute on the ham thing with Bean! Such character. : )
Good luck in redoing the bathrooms - if you haven't done wall paper yet - the trick is to soak it first then try to remove it - if it needs it at all...

RamFam said...

I have a hard time with tennis too.