Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shopping on the Cheap!

The first picture below is of my CVS shopping run yesterday. I spent .98 cents and earned $28.37 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB). I earned $10 for purchasing the two Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balms that were $1.99 each and $2.79 each for the oral hygiene kits. I also earned $10 from taking a CVS survey. I generally roll my ECB's into the next purchase so my out of pocket expense is low. I do hearty CVS!
The item below was free. Roon and I are trying to eat healthier thus I thought these keep fresh containers will come in handy for all my fruits and veggies. When I got to the checkout in rang up for $15.99 but was marked on the shelf for 50% off. I noticed that it rang up wrong and the checker went to price check. She came back with the tag and said it had expired but that they would honor it and since it rang up incorrectly the scan guarantee came into play - thus I got if for free. A lot of stores have a scan guarantee that if an item rings up incorrectly from the shelf price - you get it for free. In today's economy being a frugal shopper is becoming a must. I generally check my receipt (if possible I watch the items being scanned) before I leave the store for error's. I make sure to get error's resolved and don't hesitate to point out the scan guarantee. The guarantee is generally only good for the first like item...see your local store for details.

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Stacemoe said...

I know a while back when I was at Walmart, some pizza's came up the wrong price and there were like 4 of them, and they gave them ALL to me for free...but then another time, this was quite some time later, I was at the same location and something came up wrong and I questioned it and the lady got a manager and they said they would make an adjustment on only that one item, but not the mulitiple ones....I explained to them about the time before, but the manager was kinda rude and said, "Well, we don't do that anymore" so I am glad it worked out for you, because after that I was wondering if stores were going to change their policy.