Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love Fall and cooler weather

We have been busy with soccer and fun fall stuff. Above are a couple pics of the hot air balloon festival and sky diver's. It was perfect fall weather and a beautiful launch.
I am loving drinking hot chocolate right now....I know it is still not exactly cool here - but hey close enough right? Oh and the return of cooler weather means I get to wear my jeans again! I mean I still wear them during Spring and Summer (just not very often) cause you get hot legs ya know.? I bought a new pair of jeans today and I think I had a light bulb moment. I love the look of wide leg jeans - but come on - they are like 5 inches too long and unless my Crocs grow heals - that is not happening. So - I decided hey what about the petite jeans. Bingo - ding ding ding. Jeans that fit and are not too long! Technically I am not a petite - but I am "making it work" as Tim Gunn would say and improvised to get the style I wanted. My style really needs help as most days I throw on work-out clothes. I am always optimistic that I will work out sometime during the day! Yes - most days it does not happen - but it takes time to make a habit right? So I am in the habit of dressing to work comes the working out. LOL! Hope you are enjoying your Fall too!

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