Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Static Electricty and Wedgie-Free Wednesday!

Yes - got your attention huh. No these two things are not related whatsoever!

With the chilly weather comes something that I find very daunting and troubling. It is static electricity. I think I got shocked enough times yesterday at Kroger to have enough power to charge my cell phone via skin contact. It is ridiculous! No matter how I try - opening doors with my foot, touching things with quarters or my keys, staring the item down, pleading...I am still getting shocked. I hate it and need help! You see where I grew up we had humidity - lots and lots of humidity. I dare say I don't miss it much - unless it is this time of year. Sometimes I find myself waiting for someone to come out a door - so I don't have to open it. The madness has got to stop! The first time I saw Office Space (the movie) with Peter staring down the door - I nearly fell out of my seat! I KNOW how Peter feels that is me! BTW- If you have not scene this movie and you don't mind some foul language - you will totally think it is funny if you have ever worked in a cubicle environment!

So - in my attempt to allude static electricity I have thrown away perfectly good shoes....I figured that they were surely the culprit...but alas my efforts were for not. I just wanted to share with you my saga and hopefully I can conquer it this season. I think I must drag my feet or maybe I will go back to the days of marching band and just march everywhere - don't make fun if you see me - I am desperate here. On a side note: the Bean thinks that "stinging people" with static is quite entertaining....hmm.

So back to Wedgie Free Wednesday - go win yourself some free panties courtesy of Hanes. Here is the linky:

I already have won one pair! Very exciting treat to receive in the mail...


The Joys of having Boys said...

I am with ya there, on the static electricity. I absolutely hate it and it always happen the most at grocery stores. Why is that?? It makes you not want to touch anything, so that is not helping the philosophy of needing people to pick things up and buy them. I don't know what the answer is, but if you find out please tell me.

Lisa said...

My kiddos hate being shocked. "A" always says things like, "Mommy, the van snapped me." I don't know where she got that from but it always makes me chuckle. Sorry, I have no advice for you. At least you don't have to open your garage door by hand and get a super shock every time. :)