Friday, February 29, 2008

$2.00 Sharpies - I likey!

So there is a coupon out for a cool package of sharpies for $2.00 at Office Max. You can visit Money Saving Mom and scroll down to print in out! It is only good thru March 1st though. Anyhoo - I sent Roon on the the coupon mission to Office Depot. See - Office Depot is cool and matches the competition like that. So Roon calls me from the store and says, is this $2.00 off or is it $2.00 for the entire pack? I said entire pack - and he says you know these things are $22.99 - yep I know. He says "Ok I am working the courage up to go to customer service." Viola Success! Yep Office Depot - that Rocks!
Here are the little beauties below!

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emmasmomma said...

WAY cool!!! I LOVE Sharpies!!!