Monday, February 4, 2008

You know you are sick....

When you can't even read the Sunday Sales Ad for CVS!! I love the Sunday Sales ad and coupons!!

I started to feel bad after our extravaganza at the Container Store....30% off Elfa equals happy new linen closet for me! I will take before and after pictures.

We had an array of snack food for Superbowl planned - but the food lost its appeal early on for me. As 8:00 p.m. neared the rumble in the jungle (my stomach) started to go haywire! I rolled around in bed for the next several hours in agony. I could not sleep - so I saw the upset with the NY Giants and attempted to get my coupon journeys planned....that was a no-go, felt worse!

At just shy of midnight I started to throw up and I immediately felt better. My stomach is better today, but I am taking it easy and only eating light foods. It is still a big under the weather. I hope it is not the stomach virus. I think it could be the Dairy Queen dipped cone - that is the only thing I had different from the rest of the family. I pray that this does not spread thru the house and it was caused by the cone. I think my habit for dipped cones might be cured by this.

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