Monday, February 4, 2008

So - we were just as confused as before.......

After we watched LOST! But it was so good - was it not. Who are the other Oceanic Six that Hurley was talking about? Why/How did they make it back to the States? Why was Charlie talking to Hurley? Who needs Hurley's help? AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did Ben say that if those rescuers come that "Every single living person on this island will die." Roon pointed out the word "living"...are some of these people dead already? I know that has been a theory posted on the net before.

Just three more days till a new episode.

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Stacemoe said...

I heard today that the people on the island discover plane wreckage in the Ocean that is Oceanic Flight 815 and there are no survivors...remember the chick that Locke killed with a knife to the back said that there were no survivors of flight 815?...anyway, who knows. I am happy that it is back, but the confusion and frustration has begun!!!!!