Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh - How I love coupons!

Today - I got some amazing deals and I even scored some free oranges. Fruit Y'all! I had a .35 cent off coupon off Sunkist oranges and Kroger had Oranges on sale (Sunkist) for 10 for 1.00 so I actually got them for negative $.05! Rock On!

I went to CVS and got a fusion phenom razor and used a $4 off manufacture coupon. I combined that with my already earned Extra Care Bucks (ECB) - so I got that for negative .01 cent after you factor in the $6.00 ECB I earned on that purchase!

I went to Tom Thumb and did the savings rally again. Let's just say I have a whole lotta diced tomato's!

I saw this link online for $5 Iams coupon that will be mailed to you. Click here to sign up to have the coupon mailed to you too! I got this from one of my favorite coupon sites Refund Cents. You have to pay to join this site but I think it has been WELL worth the money!

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