Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Catch Up

The Bean having fun with her cousin (below) and getting all dolled up above!
Wow what a whirlwind of a weekend we had. We started Friday off by dressing as cows, then we quick changed into swim suits for a swim party. On Saturday we had a birthday party at McDonald's at lunch and then in the afternoon we had a Sleeping Beauty princess party to attend. Then we joined our good friends at an "all you can eat" meat place. Think large slabs of meat cut right at your table. Bean licked her lips when the servers came by and said - "yum - I sure like meat." I think they thought she was pretty entertaining.

On Sunday the Bean & I drove down for my lovely sister in law's surprise 30th Birthday party. We had a grand time seeing everyone and Bean loves playing with her cousins. Now that we are back I have tons of laundry and catch-up to do.

Our menu this week will be whatever I have on hand. It is looking like spaghetti (did not make last week), chicken with a kick (also did not get to make last week), vegetable soup, hamburger helper and whatever else I can throw together!

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