Monday, July 7, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

These are the meals I am making this week. Are you making anything yummy?

Monday - Pork Loin, Rice Pilaf, Asparagus and Fruit Salad
Tuesday - Vietnamese-Style Chicken Salad (this is super healthy and very filling - big thumbs up form the husband) - recipe from Saving Dinner
Wednesday - Tuscan Bean and Sausage Soup
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - Chicken Casserole with a Kick
Saturday - Spaghetti with Boca crumbles
Sunday - ??

1 comment:

Lisa said...

You are the planning Queen! I am lucky to remember to make something for dinner when it is time for dinner. I buy enough food for the month but then I just make whatever I feel like having that night, depending on how my day went with the kiddos and all. Can I come to your house for dinner? He He!