Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There is nothing like the sweet smell of

fresh baked bread. I woke the bread machine up (after an extended retirement I might add) and got to baking. I have this real cool machine called the Toastmaster Corner Bakery and you can make all kinds of wonderful things!

Bean ran around the kitchen with her nose in the air all afternoon - saying "Mommy what is that smell?" Needless to say, she scarfed down nearly two slices. That is impressive considering she normally turns her nose up at store bought bread. She also told me what a wonderful cook I am. Of course she tells me this when I serve her hot dogs and frozen pizza, but hey she thinks I am a master chef!!

Too bad the picture is not scratch and sniff - cause if smelled as yummy as it tasted! Next I am going to make pizza dough!


One woman, three boys! said...

Yummo. I use mine to make pizza every Friday night! Better than Pa Pa John's and whole lot cheaper too!
Eat a piece for me.

Cindi said...

Looks yummy! Maybe one day I'll be able to make bread like that... : )

Anonymous said...

I love fresh bakes bread. My grandfather used to make homemade bread, it was the best. Good luck with the pizza dough.