Friday, April 11, 2008

Check It - What do you watch on TV?

Well - As usual I was fast forwarding through the American Idol results show and I was so happy to stop and catch that the last eight idols were singing "Shout to the Lord." How awesome is that? I have been a fan of American Idol since Kelly Clarkson won - but have to admit it is the mother of all time drainers. Thus I rely on my DVR and typically fast forward through at least half of it. I am really enjoying this season. I think my favorites have changed as the season as gone on. Right now I think that David Cook is awesome! I loved loved the version of Billy Jean he did a few weeks back.

Here are some of my other favorite TV shows right now (all DVR'd of course)? Boy Do I love me some TIVO!

  • LOST
  • Battlestar Galatica (yes - seriously this Rocks!)
  • Jon and Kate + Eight (this is what Roon and I would be like with all those kids)
  • Property Ladder (or any show that involves house flipping - love it)
  • Survivor (yes - guilty pleasure I know)
  • Jericho (I can't believe it was cancelled again - ugh CBS why?)
  • Bones (Roon and I both watch this)

What are you watching?


The Joys of having Boys said...

Not much of an Idol fan this year. But I really like Dancing With the Stars, if only I had sequins and could move like the pros....

And Grey's Anatomy, I can't wait until it gets back on. That is pretty much the only two that I just have to watch, nothing else intrigues me much, but I also only have network T.V. no cable here so not much to choose from.

Battlestar Galactica (sp?) really? I would think Roon on that one, but not you. The things you find out from your friends blog.

Stacemoe said...

Young and the Restless
American Idol
Super Nanny
Extreme Makeover house edition

Stacemoe said...

OH, and dancing with the stars!

Stephanie said...

Oh I do watch Grey's Anatomy too...but seems like it has been off the year for years already. I tried Dancing with the Stars...but that results show dragged on forever..every once in a while I watch the highlights though!

Anonymous said...

I am a reality show junkie. Here are the shows I don't wish to miss.

American Idol
Top Chef
America's Next Top Model
Hell's Kitchen
Men in Trees
Oprah's Big Give
Desperate Housewives (Whenever it returns)

LOST, Lost me. I don't like this season of Big Brother but think it better fits in the summer and there is no way The Bachelor calls me.

crayonmommy said...

When I get the chance I watch SCRUBS. It's AWESOMELY FUNNY! :) I watch dancing with the stars the same way you watch american idol... ffw thru the yada yada yada and watch the dancing -- and elimination.

Kathryn said...

Ok, amazingly enough I don't really watch TV. However, Brian lent me the first two seasons of LOST and I really enjoyed watching those - maybe I can find the next seasons and see what happens.

emmasmomma said... judging!! Here are my Favs....

Big Brother
Biggest Loser
Beauty and the Geek
America's Next Top Model
John and Kate plus 8(which Emma SO loves watching with me)
Desperate Housewives
Hell's Kitchen
The Big Give
Flip this House
and...don't laugh, House Hunters

Lisa said...

We have watched Idol in the past but kind of fell out of it this season. My favs are:

Eli Stone(Quite funny)
Law & Order SVU
Law & Order CI
CSI Miami
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Oprah's Big Give

These are in no particular order, I couldn't tell you which I like best.

We don't have cable or sattelite television or I would be listing a bunch of the home and garden network shows.