Friday, April 18, 2008

Moving Along...sweet friends and family

So I tried to stay busy yesterday. I met my Aunt (the guru of all things related to shopping) at the outlet mall to try to take my mind off of things. I almost lost it at the Gymboree Outlet store seeing the most cute striped/candy land type romper. I held it together and moved on. We went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Store and my Aunt bought me an enormous cinnamon cheesecake-caramel apple. We also went to the kitchen store where they had at least 20 samples out. I almost made myself sick with all the dips I tried. We did score some clearance $1. dips though ;) I felt compelled to buy the products below. I truly believe they will be an asset to our fleet of kitchen tools. Someday I will blog about my obsession with kitchen products and vacuums....

Are these not the coolest - palm scrubbing brush and palm veggies shredder? We also had a lovely lunch and it was just good to get out and breath!

I came home and a notice of flower delivery...Here are the beautiful flowers (purple - my favorite) my playgroup Mom's sent. Y'all are awesome ladies!

Then my good friend Debbie (who moved far way and I don't get to see nearly enough) came over and brought us dinner! She brought the bean a pink poodle webkinz....Bean has a particular obsession for pink poodles - so Deb did good with this choice. She also brought me a book and some body wash. And then her co-workers and her all signed a lovely card and gave me this dried flower arrangement below. How sweet to know that people I don't know took time out to pray for me and show me kindness.

Some of my good friends are having me over to cry and eat pizza. Thanks for all the support. I still feel raw right now - but am trying to process. I have a lot to be thankful for and am trying to see the light in the mist of this dark news.


Lisa said...

I am so glad to see that people are pulling in around you and holding you close in your time of need! Community is what it is all about! We love you girl! Hang in there! I am her if you ever need to talk.

Tasha said...

I have been wanting to try those (veggie shredder and scrubber). You will have to let me know how they work! I just came across your blog today.

Suz said...

I'm still remembering you in my prayers, Stephanie. So many people care for you!