Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend of Fun!

We decided to get some bluebonnet pictures this weekend. It was a beautiful weekend, but there was a brisk chill in the air. On our way to do pictures we stopped at the mall and ate at our favorite little brick oven restaurant. Bounce houses were going up on the grassy area, so we knew a detour was in our near future. We let Bean run around and play on them for a while - although it was pretty cold and I had to resort to wearing the only coat in the car - a faux fur red wool winter coat. I am sure that was a pretty site - with my capri pants and crocs on!

We got some beautiful pictures and decided to look at some model homes in the area. Bean loves to go look at homes. She enjoys it so much she even asks me to go now. Uh - Oh - maybe it is all those Otis SpunkMeyer cookies they give out ;) We found our "Dream Home" a few weeks ago and I have "mentally moved in." Yes - I LOVE this house. Although, it is out of our price range right now - we are hopeful that perhaps someday we will be able to afford it. Everyone here is ready for Wednesday - Just over 48 hours till we know! I am feeling good and continue to pray and hope that their is life in my womb! I am also getting a bit anxious today as we are in the home stretch....

We did get some shopping done. Since I still am on no lifting "heavier than a milk gallon" I had Roon and Bean with me at Kroger. That Mega sale they are running is awesome! I also rocked CVS (diaper deal) and Walgreens. I only took a picture of my Walgreens haul which was .57 cents. It was actually negative .28 cents, but I had to throw the candy bar in to make the total positive. My refrigerator looks like the Pillsbury dough boy has set up camp in there.....oh that doughy goodness. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Kathryn said...

Glad you got to do some "light" shopping. We are very excited for Wed. to come also and are keeping you in our prayers!!! We hope to get our bluebonnet pictures soon.

BTW don't mess with the link that someone posted above - I think it's a virus.

Love ya!!

Suz said...

Praying for sticky little babies in there!!!

Can't wait till Wednesday! How 'bout you LOL!

crayonmommy said...

sticky baby dust! :) love and prayers!